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Mr. Darcy, spring and whiny

How cute is this guy?  That's exactly what Mr. Darcy looked like in my head the first time I read Pride and Predjuduce.  (HA!!  I just read the comments when I went to get the link and apparently not the only one making the Mr. Darcy connection!)

My weekend was too long on the negatives and too short on the actual weekend, though I had a very nice time last night.  Cooked burgers out on the grill and hung out with Big Daddy Sligh and couple folks.  Am now trying to finish up work as quickly as possible, so I can go out and enjoy the sunshine, which in this case, might mean sewing with the door open, so I can finish all my current stacked sewing projects.

Other things I meant to post about but am actually too lazy to go into in depth:

  • I'm a bad friend for not visiting my friends enough
  • Hives, possibly stress induced, on my face. Or maybe the lack of sneezing means this is how my allergies are manifesting this year?
  • New shoes, awesome! Still need sandals, not at all inspired by anything this year, must waste hours looking for something appropriate.
  • Birthday one week away.  Have deep thoughts on aging, maybe will share later.
  • Sunshine!  I love sunshine!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  • Going to Seattle May 28-Jun 4. Hopefully have already emailed everyone who really needs to know this.

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bright stars shine on NYE

The Lucero show was great, despite the fact that I have actual injuries.  One second I was moving forward to tell some asshole to fuck off, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor with like four guys on top of me, all of whom were trying to punch the asshole I was going to tell off.  I didn't feel bad the time, but this morning I'm all bruised and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my leg.  Still, tons of fun was had by all.  No one argued or made drama (amongst my friends anyway, I'm sure there was plenty of drama at the show and the after party we went to), everyone got to do what they wanted and I think everyone is glad they made the drive to Memphis.

Now I'm watching silly romantic comedies with Hols and cursing myself for turning the heat off while we were out of town since it's fucking snowing now in Nashville.

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