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I just realized that I never posted a link to my Seattle pictures. There are very few of them, actually. I either forget to take pictures, or some horrible psychological, deep buried, homesickness was going on and I was too paralyzed by it to take pictures, I’m not sure which. Anyway, the ones I did take are here. Mostly scenic, or of something I has some weird need to capture.

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I have an absurd amount of stuff I need to get done today.  I should probably get going on that to-do list since so far I’ve accomplished: cup of coffee, tater tots, eggs and IMing with my sister.

People have been asking me all week if I’m excited about going back to Seattle.  Sure, yeah,  get to see a huge chunk of the people I love who aren’t in Tennessee.  But I haven’t really been excited.  Looking forward to it, yeah, but excitement has been buried under work stress and other stress and just ugh. So this morning I’m IMing with my sister and thinking about how awesome she is and how how much I miss mom is a given, but that my sister way super ultra cool and that I wished I talked to her more. And then! Mid conversation she busts out with this:

crackerjackSister:  okay i’ve got to go get ready for school
i’ll talk to you later, or see you later!
me:  YAY!
CJS:  haha oh yeah! all my friends that have senior brothers and sisters are like, i don’t get it, i’m so ready for them to leave, and i’m like, believe me, when they come back, you’ll be so excited

I’m almost tearing up rereading it.  She is such a good kid, such a smart kid, such a fun kid.  And man, it is so hard to be a teenager. I feel so ad for her all the time, struggling through high school.  She’s an excellent student, involved in all kinds of shit at school, moderately popular and still it’s so rough.

So, yes I am now excited to go back.  My momma and my sister are definitely worth traveling to ends of the earth for.

But now I must go take my car to th shop, do laundry, clean house, pack, finish making presents, edit reviews, package stuff to ship, re-pack, bathe, get ready for a houseguest, eat and entertain him, make him work, do work myself, sleep and get on a plane.  AUGH!!