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my kingdom for a good piece of maguro nigiri

Watched the Anthony Bourdain episode of Vancouver BC first thing this morning. Man, I don't miss the rain, but oh good lord do I want some Copper River Salmon right now.  Good sushi.  Pho.  Cuban sandwiches.  Real clam chowder.  Steak with crazy kinds of mushrooms. 

Oh Nashville, why must you suck so much when it comes ot getting great food easily.  I'd commit atrocities to get decent Mexican food, or real Chinese food. I'd pay ridiculous sums for good bánh mì. 

Now I am watching Jersey Girl and it keeps making me cry.  Clearly something is very, very wrong with me.  However, I will watch almost anything for a cameo of Matt Damon. Will Smith is just an added bonus.

Soon I will go shower and then make Holly play Stacy & Clinton with me, while I try to figure out what to wear to work tonight.

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Chuck is currently my favorite show ever and ever and ever.  And not just because I wish I had a completely cute, hilarious, charming, nerdy boyfriend like Chuck.  But I love everyone on the show.  I love the show.  I love the premise, the writing.  Everything.  Mostly though I just want my own Chuck.

Well, at least I know what to look for in a boyfriend now. Man.  I'm doomed to be alone forever.

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