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old busted hotness

So I was telling my mom about the gas ‘shortage’ in Nashberg last night and she said, given the current political climate and the economy that we can expect to see things like this increasing all over the country. She said during the 70s that there was a lot hoarding and similar weirdness in relation to the economy. Meaningless, pointless hoarding or more sinister hoarding (like gas) that made things worse for everyone rather than helping anything. Given the fact that people are much more susceptible to frenzies over incomplete/inaccurate media reports, I’m sure she’s right.

My brain has been muddling over this for hours. Mostly I think who gets fucked here is the people already doing right. Great if you live in a big coastal city and have good public transportation. But what if you live in mid-sized town, buy local and support local businesses? What happens when there really is a gas crisis? Nothing can be trucked in, people freak and suddenly no one can get anything because there isn’t enough local food to sustain the area?

(So I started writing this post, then I got totally distracted by Men in Black on TV. Now I am tired and I don’t care to finish my thoughts.)

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I am surrounded by morons

The gas shortage in Nashville is becoming INSANE.  This picture was taken around the corner from my house at the Citgo that had gas all day (because the owner refused to sell anyone more than $20 at a single sale).  People we freaking the fuck out all over town.   There have been reports of fist fights and general insanity.  The reporting on the whole thing is some of the worst I have ever seen.  Like no one at all, none of the media outlets are explaining what’s going on.  A a couple of the stations are seriously feeding the frenzy.  As far as I can piece together there were multiple news reports on Friday about how Hurricane Ike was going to take out all the refineries and the pipeline and so everyone better get gas because there would be none.  People freaked out.  There was a 400% increase in gas sales Friday causing many stations to run out. Stations started putting up signs saying they were out of gas (most expecting deliveries Monday or Tuesday).  The local news made a huge deal out of the stations being out of gas.  People freaked out more.  I started hearing stories about people driving to 18, EIGHTEEN, gas stations looking for gas.  Hey, asshole, maybe just don’t fucking drive then.  Walk, bike, work from home.  There were thousands of accusations of price gouging filed with the AG’s office and there may or may not be an investigation (strangely everyone has stopped talking about that).  So now there’s no gas, estimations say 85% of the stations in Nashville are completely empty.

Now, as far as I can tell, there was no reason for this at all.  If everyone hadn’t freaked out and started using all their gas to drive around and get more, and had maybe just chilled for the weekend until the deliveries came, the worst that probably would have happened is there might have been a little less gas, maybe prices would have been exorbitant for a few days and then prices would have leveled off.  It is like this is all a self made, self perpetuating crisis.

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in which we really learn why we should ride bikes

So there’s no gas in Middle Tennessee right now. It’s insanely expensive in East Tennessee and cheap (relatively) in West Tennessee. On the surface this is residuals from Hurricane Ike. According to the press this is because everyone went a filled up before the hurricane hit. As far as I can tell, everyone went and filled up because the press made such a huge deal about how everyone needed to go fill up because oh no there will be no gas. So now there’s no gas. Except maybe there would be gas if the press hadn’t flipped everyone out. Great.

I have enough gas to get to work and back through weekend and get to the bank. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere over the weekend, and I’m really not now. Hopefully by next week they will have it all sussed out. I’ve been trying not to freak out about the economy, but being in a city full of gas stations that literally have no gas is kind of apocalypse scary.

Also I’m just pissed off about the whole thing because I watched it happen. We left Nashville on Sat am and prices were around $3.89. There were INSANE price fluctuations between Nashville and Memphis. In Arkansas it was around $3.89. We drove back Sunday and I took pictures of gas prices the whole way back. It was like $3.89 in West Memphis (Arkansas), $3.99 in Memphis, $4.79 an hour out of Memphis, $4.19/$4.29 a MILE from the $4.79 station. When we got back to Nashville it was $3.99 in our neighborhood, but people have told me that price varies by as much as $0.80 around the city. I saw a ton of complaints about price gouging on Monday and now the AG is saying he’s not sure those complaints are worth investigating? We are on the same pipeline as NY and they aren’t running out of gas… You do the math.

Augh, I should just fucking go to bed, now all I am doing is making myself angry.

ETA – HA! I just angered myself further by reading some of the comments on the article I linked to. People are idiots, but still it appears most of them feel exactly the same about this as I do. Like really, what the fuck is going on?

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Let’s put that guitar down and go **** Matt Damon

I don’t feel well.  I’ve been sick on and off since Friday morning. I thought maybe food poisoning (combined with hangover) but now upon reflection, I think it’s actually been a mild, multi-day adventure in vertigo. This sucks, but on the other hand, it is the mildest the vertigo attacks have ever been, so that’s kind of good.

I know, I know.  I keep saying I’m swearing off political blogs.  And talking here is, for the most part, preaching to th choir, and still, well, I just can’t stop myself: This is your nation on white privilege. Yes, these are, IMO, sensible, not really inflammatory arguments.  These are things we should be talking about instead of Palin’s family.  However who would we make these arguments to anyway?  It’s not like the people who need to understand this stuff would ever listen.

Watching Signs first thing in the morning will probably set the tone for my day to be even more weird than usual.

Could I love Matt Damon any more?  It seems almost impossible.

I have a small, sensible, reasonable to-do list for today.  I should get on it.

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towns with walls

We made it to Arkansas and back.  I have to say, it really is one of the most depressing states to drive through.  Pretty in and around the mountains, but man, I felt like crying most of the way home.  Hard to explain why, partly the poverty, partly the way American small towns seem so isolated.  The isolation seems so limiting and horrible to me, like we, as a nation, are choosing to turn our backs on influences from the wider world.

I took pictures on the drive home with an actual film camera.  Weird, right? Will post if they actually turn out.

Am totally exhausted, but too much so even get up off the couch and go to bed.  I woke up early, early this morning thinking someone was running a bath in the hotel room–that booming water in small room sound–but it was actually the insane rain from the end of hurricane Ike passing over us.

I don’t know if it was the storm, or the excitement, or being not in my bed, but I had crazy ass dreams too.  Don’t remember enough to relate here, except there were dreams with in dreams and small towns that become huge temples, and visions of cities past that never existed.

Will sleep and maybe make sense tomorrow.

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the news is blues unless the news is new shoes

Saturday I read political blogs all day. ALL DAY. Shockingly I did not suffer an aneurysm. However I do have much much much less faith in the human population than I did before.

Sunday I read sewing blogs all day. Now I want to cut up everything I own and sew it into something else. The only thing that is stopping me is that I need to spend an hour finishing and cleaning up all my other craft projects in order to set up the sewing machine.

Of course I spent much of both days watching seasons 2 – 4 of Scrubs with Ladybug. We really do lead the most interesting lives. Now I am supposed to be coding (I was until I started writing this) and Ladybug is actually cleaning the house and being productive. We did, maybe go shoe shopping yesterday. In honor of that, here are the new shoes I’ve I acquired in recent weeks:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ladybug and I both admit that we have shoe problems, we buy many and hoard them. In an attempt to end that, we both cleaned out our closets yesterday of shoes that were worn out, fit poorly or simply weren’t going to be worn again. Here are the shoes we are getting rid of:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, that is a laundry basket each (and how amusing are the DSW bags in the background?)! No, I don’t know yet what we are going to with them. I wish I knew someone we could give them to to make art out of or something.

I’ve been thinking about ti for a while, but after seeing the shoe madness here, I’ve been much more seriously taking a three month non-consumerism pledge. Which is to say purchasing nothing beyond what I need for survival food etc) for 3 months. If I want new clothes I have to make them, etc… And of course I can make gifts etc, as that is clearly possible from the massive of amounts of craft supplies I have stashed around the house. Still it is a big decision. I’ll probably sit on it for a while.

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and on it goes

I just got off the phone with the detective assigned to my case.  They got good prints off my car, and they have a hit, but unless I can pick the guy out of a line up it’s fairly useless.  Because the print was on the outside of the car, the defendant can say he was in the neighborhood and touched the car accidentally at some point during the day.  None of the prints they got off the inside of the car are good enough for matching.  So the Det. is bringing a photo line up for me to look at tomorrow. But since they had bandanas tied around their faces, it’s kind of a crap shoot.  We’ll see.

It’s nice they gave it to a detective that works the same hours as me, I guess.  But now I’m tired.  I’m lonely and sad and I can’t really call anyone at 1 am, just because I want to chat.  The perils of the night shift.

Boss Daddy, because he is the best, went down to the station and talked to the Commander for a bit this week.  They said yes, it isn’t our imagination, there has been huge upsurge in this kind of crime in our neighborhood and two other specific neighborhoods as well.  They think, maybe, that there’s new gangs moving into the area and that most of it is gang initiation related.  Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel better.  But it sort of does, like it wasn’t just random, hideous crime in my neighborhood.  However, if it’s true, I suspect the Nashville PD doesn’t have  gang unit that’s ready for this kind of thing.  Since one of the cops who responded when I was robbed spent a god deal of time explaining how gentrification and crime are related, as if it was new concept, I’m gonna guess they really aren’t ready.