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i can haz bunys, let me show u

When my alarm went off this morning, I was already at work, sitting at my desk.  I had to take T-Rider to the airport at the fucking asscrack of dawn (yes, it is necessary to use language like that when describing that hour of the morning), and so decided to get an early start.

It's not even worth telling the story, because of the absurdity, but the short of it is, we have some new, temporary additions to our household, let me show you:

So yes.  Um, hey, Nashville peeps, I don't suppose any of you have been looking for pet bunnies and were just waiting for me to offer them to you?

It has been grimly grey for days.  Sure it does actually seem like spring grey and not winter grey, which is good, but man, I'd really like to see the sun.

This morning I discovered that I have now lost so much weight that I can't really wear any of my good professional clothes and look, well, professional.  Most my blouses are darted and so can be taken in, I've taken a few in already, but it looks like I am going pants shopping some time soon.  If only I could actually afford a new wardrobe, but still, I am quite pleased.

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can’t hardly wait to smell good in the sun

It is the lovely, delicious, fabulous equinox.  Oh spring, I love you so much. Don't ever leave me again.  Winter is so mean and dreadful, not at all soft and sexy and happy like you are, spring.

Sadly, I didn't realize it was spring until I'd already left for work, otherwise I would have dressed differently.  I feel I should be wearing some flowery, sunny, garden party dress (even to work!) to celebrate the season of light and joy.  Perhaps I will go home and unpack all the spring clothes and store the sweaters–of course that will insure grim and cold tomorrow, ha!

O:BNM update: The blood orange perfume is still lovely, but the sillage sucks and it doesn't really last.  I'm thinking that maybe I'd rather smell like pomegranates than oranges anyway.  The question is, do I want to smell like flowery spring perfume with pomegranate tones in it, or do I want to smell like actual pomegranates?

Yes, I am procrastinating.  It is like crack, once you start, you can't stop.  I might as well give up pretending like I'll get anything done. But I should buckle down and finish the important stuff so I can go outside.  Outside in spring.  I can take off my shoes.  And sit in the sun.  Hurrah. Of course thinking like that isn't making me work any faster.

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breck girl

I woke up late and thought I heard the shower running, but it was the driving, heavy, beating rain.  Ugh. Rushed to work in the nearest clothes I could grab, unbrushed hair and no make up.   Fortunately a friend of a friend is training at a fancy salon and needed hair models this morning, so now I have fabulous hair if nothing else.  Unfortunately I just realized while taking pictures of said hair that I have black bra and white shirt on.  Did I mention I was rushed today?

Hmm, the pictures don't do it justice.  It's all flippy, cute, Lauren Graham hair.  YAY!

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you wish your life was this exotically exciting

I had an excellent weekend.  I actually got a fair amount done (not everything on the list, never everything on the list) and had tons of extra super awesome fun.  If half the weekends in my life were as good as the past one, I might be the happiest person alive.  Of course I'd also probably be unbearable to be around.

In O:BNM news, I gave myself a manicure last night, painted my nails a lovely brick red.  I have not painted them in, quite literally, years, as my nails are always either cut short as a practicality, or damaged from doing wire work.  I've forgotten how nice it is to type and look down and see such pretty nails.  It's fleeting, as it probably won't last more than a day, but it was worth it.

Also I weighed myself last night, for the first time in a very, very long time.  Discovered that I am only 5 pounds from my ideal weight.  How awesome is that?  However, weight loss should come with some sort of financial award, as how else can one afford to buy all new pants?  Today's slacks, not worn for a couple months, are just this side of unwearable, in terms of fit.

My ridiculously useless co-worker just came in, all full of anxiety, unsure of what to do, huge emergency!  The emergency?  Our boss is not in the office, and co-worker needed to ask him something!  What to do? I suggested using a new-fangled device called the telephone.  So far it seems to be working out for him. 

Kristen has finished her third toilet seat.  You better get your order in fast.  I'm telling you soon she's going to only be making them for celebrities and telling her story on Oprah.

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even more whining, just when you thought it was over

Can't get rid of my headache.  Am now thinking of removing my head. Had movie "date" that fell through, which is probably for the best. Have sacked my to-do list for the evening and am going to fuck off for the rest of the evening even if I feel guilty about it tomorrow.  Honestly, it's like after a weekend of fucking off my brain has just shut down. 

The lightning outside seems to be coming for me.  It's like it's moving right toward me.  Ooh, there's the thunder.  Maybe I should go stand outside.

Seriously though, I am sort of beating myself up for fucking off, but it's actually part of O:BNM.  I'm not really fucking off.  I'm taking time to relax and try and deal with where I am at and everything from the past couple months. It's true.  If only I could just convince myself.

Oooooh, lightning is making the sky purple.  Must go look. Then maybe I will read a book or something so I can say tomorrow that I did something besides watch re-runs on TV.

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boringly domestic but smells damn good

Got housework done, moved the TV to a better position, ate a healthy dinner and am now watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with miss Hols.  Also went to the Turnip Truck and got the rest of the groceries we needed. And Tuscan Blood Orange perfume, which I guess I didn't need, but I'm not sure how I lived without it.  It actually reminds me of the Body Shop's original Dewberry perfume (before they changed it), which was my favorite perfume ever.

Now before bed I will go and do one more task off my never-ending, ever changing to-do list and call it a good day. I may also scent my pillow like blood oranges. Mmmmm.

Lately neglected birthday countdown: 74 days.

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snot faucet and pretty eyes

Okay, fine, there's a possibility I might be sick.  I've had a cough and low level sore throat since the beginning of Feb.  I assumed it was because I'd stressed my immune system into disfunction with anxiety too much smoking. But today my nose has become some sort of snot faucet and I have to face it, it's probably a cold.  Am now armed with copious fluids, kleenex, Zicam and old fashioned nose spray.  A combination of the hippie and the archaic, the only things that really work for me.  The Zicam is in dissolving tablets which I've just discovered are utterly disgusting (one every three hours for a couple days, wheeee).  But really, no worse than the nose gel, I think, so whatever. My nose is all red and raw and I'm about to start rubbing Burt's Bees hand cream into it because I don't have anything else in my bag (chapstick usually works well, but I see all I have today is colored lip gloss).

While at the drugstore I also bought myself deep plum mascara and dark plum eyeshadow.  I used to, if I bothered to wear make up, slather on some black eyeliner and occasionally some random eyeshadow.  A while back I switched to brown eyeliner and eyeshadow colors that matched my outfit, or possibly, my coloring.  Recently, due to Jami's influence, and too many episodes of What Not to Wear, I've checked the eyeliner altogether and now do an elaborate series of three colors of eyeshadow, carefully applied with various brushes.  Usually darker around the eye, mid-tone on the lid and light along the brow bone, but I do switch it up. The first time I carefully did the WNtW proscribed make-up, people who see me everyday were coming up to me and telling me how beautiful I looked (I also ironed my hair) and I was sold.  Maybe it's my age or my vanity, but mostly I think having finally figured out how to put on make up has made me want to wear it. Of course, I'm no less lazy than I ever was.  I don't usually bother with it at all during the day.  But it's nice to know that if I want to spend a bunch of time ironing my hair and painting my face I can look fabulous.  Who know what lies next though.  Probably eye creams and anti-aging things.  Evil.  But probably inevitable.

Operation: Be Nice to Me isn't working so well. Except, I guess, in the make-up department. I did try and dress up this morning, but the snow defeated me.

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Vive ut vivas

Only two songs recs?  C’mon people!

Operation: Be Nice to Me (subsequently known as O:BNM) has thus far resulted in me using fancy fig & lavendar body wash instead of plain old soap and today I am wearing a lovely skirt that I got in Amsterdam a couple years ago and my sexier pair of knee-high boots.  I smell good and I feel all chic and cosmopolitan (despite the fact that I couldn’t sleep again last night and was thus super late for work and didn’t bother to brush my hair or anything).  I’ve also changed the name of this blog to “vivat crescat floreat,” the Latin for “may it live, grow, and flourish!”  In the interest of positivity and my maintaining a general great outlook.


it’s like, um, totally frumpy, but like, I can do better with my nice things

Validated: quotative like.

I just got a message from a vague acquaintance (a friend of an old fling), asking if she had heard correctly that I was doing the booking at the Station Inn. Um, no? And if someone is perpetuating such rumours about me can they please make an equivalent job materialize with it?

Week beginning January 24
Copyright 2008 by Rob Brezsny

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “In the human heart new passions are forever being born,” said French writer Francois de La Rochefoucauld. “The overthrow of one almost always means the rise of another.” I suppose that’s true. We all have longings that come and go as we evolve. But I’d also like to propose an equally valid and contradictory truth: In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They’re with us from the moment we’re born, and nothing can dilute their intensity. Our destiny revolves around them. These are the passions I hope you will define with precision and nurture with alacrity during the next eight weeks.

What does that even mean?

I’m feeling fairly old and frumpy today.  Timmy Mac tells me my new MySpace picture (taken today) makes me look like a pretty British girl. He flatters, as he always does, however, I’m so full of my own frumpiness that I can’t help but wonder if he means I’m hiding bad teeth or something. Then again maybe it’s because I tried to set it as my profile pic and it scrunched up funny and made me look all distorted and that’s unhappy making. (eta – I’ve decided I hate it and thus have taken it down and replaced it with a much better one.)Yesterday I resolved to do more nice things for myself. I have this weird habit of buying things for myself, like fancy body wash, or jewelry, or clothes that are nice and then not ever using/wearing them.  It’s like I think I need to save them for some special occasion which never arrives.  So I am resolving to use all the nice bath products, wear the lovely clothes etc. for no reason at all other than I like to look good and smell pretty. No point in having nice things if they just gather dust, yeah?

I have 4 eMusic downloads left for the month.  Everyone rec me a song you think I might like and might not have. Go!

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