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icon says it all

Shit ass day at work. Hell night at the restaurant. I left at 9:30, DONE with that place. Then one of the waitresses (our neighbor, Miss Sparkle) texted me at 11:30 to say Cory Branan was playing a surprise set there. What the motherfucking fuck. Got there in time to see him pack up, hug him, chat for a second, and drink a beer before he was gone. *sigh* I knew there was possibility of John Prine, Justine Earle and Todd Snider being there and I forewent staying because the night had sucked so much and been so busy I was just done. Why did no one tell me the possibility of Cory? The universe is FIRED.


a hazy shade of winter

Well, spring made another sneak appearance today. I’m not holding my breath that it will stick around, but man it was a tiny spot of joy. The dreary weather is bringing me and you and everyone we know down. Well me and Rhi and my co-worker, M., anyway.

Work clothes today: pointy black shoes with silver detail in the leather, wide-leg black slacks, long aqua sweater, sparkly star earrings and matching necklace. It was cute but I still looked like hell, puffy eyes, dark circles, red nose (from blowing it too much, not from doing too much blow). Work will hopefully get easier, right now I’m playing a million weeks of catch up and trying to implement sensible systems, so it’s a little overwhelming. Although I suspect that’s mostly because my head is still snot-filled and stuffed up that I can barely think.

I’m contemplating whoring myself out for these (they only have them left in my size, isn’t that somehow meaningful?). *sigh*

The kitchen guy at work asks me amusing things like “Married?” “Got babies?” (yes in that order) Then the other night he told me if I had a husband I wouldn’t have to work two jobs because my husband would take care of things for me. (Don’t mistake that he was flirting with me, he wasn’t. I think I just amuse him.) I told him that having two jobs was less work than having a husband. But then again, I could marry someone who bought me lots of shoes… Am I that shallow? Some days, maybe. Over all, yeah, I guess not.

Hmm, I think I need to come up with clever nicknames for my co-workers and both my work places.