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disgruntled toilet seats and boys

You wonder why I am so often disgruntled at my otherwise generally easy job?  Because daily I have to deal with many, teeny, tiny things that build up until I want to explode.  What kind of things? Well, here is an exact copied and pasted comment that my boss put in a document that an intern created: "please go through the document and replace 'fluorescent' with 'fluorescent' (is that how it's spelled?)"

How many hours of my life have I lost, I wonder, at this to staring at statements like that trying to make sense of them?  

In happier news, Kristen is making toilet seat art.  Seriously, how awesome is she?  I have the best friends ever.

Tomorrow, if I can screw up my courage, I am going to do something completely outside my comfort zone in interpersonal relationships.  It's trivial, little thing really, but I have been screwing up my courage all day.  I might puke instead of actually doing it.  Who knew it was so hard to talk to cute boys? UGH.

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text, buy, freeze, complain

My problem with my idiot coworker is that he quite literally can not troubleshoot his way out of a wet paper bag.  I am really, really tired of the constant interruptions to help him solve some small thing that he should be able to do. That any half-smart, functioning adult should be able to solve.  Combined with his jags of boring, insipid chattiness, it's like he's just here to waste my time.

Pandora is so weird.  My station is set up for music similar to: Amy Rigby, Dale Watson, Drag The River, Lucinda Williams, Old 97's, Ryan Bingham, Son Volt, and The Avett Brothers.  So when it gives me Uncle Tupelo or The Cowboy Junkies or Lyle Lovett it makes sense to me.  The Grateful Dead and Weezer, however, don't seem to fit so well.

I know this coming storm is the last, dying gasp of winter.  I am not bothered by that, as the end is so clearly in sight that it's hard not be excited about impending spring.  But damn, I am cold and I am tired of being cold.  Also I find it relatively unfair that last year on this date it was 71 °F and today it's 34 °F.  Oh, March, you and your crazy ways!  All teasing with spring, and then running rowdily around and throwing snow.  So silly.  Get on out of here so we can have the best month of April. Hmm, maybe April is so fantastic that we can stand to wait through March craziness.  Still though, March, why can't you be more like April?

52 days until my birthday.  I have updated my Amazon wishlist.  Mostly for my mom because I don't think anyone but her and my grandma look at it.  I also have an Etsy favorites list.  I am not soliciting gifts, and I certainly don't expect them from my friends, but if you are so inclined, I encourage you to buy something handmade from Etsy.   Really though, if you want to spend money, you can buy something I made and give it to someone else for my birthday.  Spread the love.

Daylight saving time sucks and is entirely pointless.  My favorite part of the article is the last line.  That's some crack journalism right there.

Speaking of crack, Jezebel.com.  Condensed, compressed, intelligent coverage of trashy, pointless tabloid news.  I love it so much.

I have received 27 text messages in the last 2 hours and 43 minutes.  I love my friends.

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weekend update

Rodeo Saturday!  Woo! It was fun.  It was exhibition rodeo, so it was only a couple hours, like 8 rides in 3 events.  We cheered for the Navajo guy and the kid from Washington state.  The crowd seemed relatively uninterested and it became clear later that most of them were there for the Blue Oyster Cult concert afterwards, which we left during the first song.  I mean, yeah, we wanted to hear "Don't Fear the Reaper," but surely they played it last and I didn't want to spend the $8 on a second beer I'd need to make it through a BOC concert.  We wanted rider autographs, but again, not enough to wait in line.

Friday night I worked till about 10, then Jami, Holly and I went for a drink at the nice bar across from our house where they now have three cute waiters (two new ones and the gay one we always have who used to work at the Wash).  We chatted up the waiters as the restaurant emptied out and had a nice girls night out with martinis and all (one never drinks too much when drinks cost that much, yikes).  

Saturday during the day I worked on my new jewelry projects will hopefully I will have pictures of today or tomorrow.  Then Holly and I went to Sephora and the Whole Foods body store and bought good smelling girly things.  Then the rodeo! Wheee!

Sunday we did nothing.  NOTHING!  We manage to buy some groceries and eat and otherwise did nothing but read.  I read Middlesex cover to cover and while I enjoyed it, I didn't love it in the way I expected to. I'm not sure I can pin down why, but while it was immensely readable, interesting and all there wasn't anything that grabbed me about the characters or the story specifically.  I dreamt parts of it last night, but I imagine I'll have forgotten the whole thing in the next 30 hours.

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recycling isn’t always good

Hols and I were let down by the Depots today, both the Home and the Office.  I hate nothing more than ineffective errands.  But then we had brunch today with my best girls.  Champagne cocktails and Heath Ledger movies.  Damn good for a Sunday.  Especially since brunch didn't end until almost 7pm.  Then I worked on my new jewelry project.  I'm hopeful about it, but we'll see, it could still fail miserably.  Now we're watching Hope Floats, which is really depressing. Except, who can resist Harry Connick, Jr.?  Where is MINE?

I think I had a bunch of smart interesting things to write about.  I'm sure I was thinking about them earlier. Who knows what they were.  Instead have a random conversation from my day:

friend: "Oh, you are not…"
me: "Yes, I did bring cupcakes for brunch."
friend: "Yes, yay!  But I was going to say, 'You are not wearing a t-shirt that says I recycle boys!'"
other friend: "Oh my god, you are!"
me: "I am!"
friend: "That is so awesome."

Though as I told Hols, the shirt is really only appropriate for teenage girls, and then not even really.  Like How did this shirt even get made?

All in all a good day.  With a teeny tiny dose of family drama, but I'm currently being utterly avoidant about that.  I've had a bunch of people crawling out the woodwork lately and Jami's sure it a sign of good things to come, life changing and otherwise.  If there's good things in the future, dealing with the nutjob jackassery on the fringes of my family life is small price to pay, right?

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fotografía 022: the prettiest girl I know

Kristen, taken at work tonight. I think she was trying to look serious, but it came off as, "I'm about to hit you in the face, JJ."  Miss K is usually full of smiles for me, but even all intense, like here, she's still the prettiest girl I know.

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bumping along into the abyss

I had weird, weird dreams to start off the New Year.  Now it’s cold cold cold and it keeps snowing, although it’s not sticking at all and very very dry out, so there’s just odd swirls of dry snow blowing across the pavement.  And: Currently At 9:31AM, Mostly Cloudy, 19°F RealFeel® 6°F  SIX!?!?! What the the fuck, January, why must you always be so damn cold?  And it’s not too bad, the office is even kind of warm, except my feet are really cold.  I guess I need a little space heater under the desk.

Apparently 2008 will hold big changes for me, if I take anything Mr. Brezsny says to heart:

Week beginning January 3
Copyright 2008 by Rob Brezsny

TAURUS (April 20-May 20):  The average person changes residences 11 times in the course of his or her life. Having lived in 33 different homes so far, I’m way above the norm. What about you, Taurus? I’m guessing that you will either make a major move in the coming year, or else you will find your true spiritual home. Here’s a third possibility: You may penetrate more deeply into your existing abode, transforming it from a place of shelter to a sublime sanctuary — re-imagining it and reinventing it and reinhabiting it with an intensity that amazes you.

True spiritual home sounds good, I wouldn’t mind that.

I’m not really making any resolutions.  Never seems to work out for me.  I am going to commit to getting myself into a better place professionally, and trying to manage my time better so I can fit everything in. I will probably have to sacrifice some of my interests/hobbies.  There literally just aren’t enough hours in a week for me to do all the things I’d like.

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