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Got soaked walking across the street to my car.  Drove home in such heavy rain that the windshield wipers were useless. Hey, rain gods, I want an end to the drought too, but 2" of rain a day seems a little excessive.

Now I am home, bundled in blankets, watching a Viggo Mortensen movie, drinking hot chocolate and feeling fragile and pathetic.  Hey, PMS, I see you in there.  You know, I'm fine with bleeding every month.  Whatevs, cycle of life and all that, but the inability to control my mood really sucks.  Can we just have end to that?

The laptop is keeping my lap warm.  I tried using a bunny to that end for a bit, but it was too wiggly. 

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still feels like Monday

The grey has reappeared in the last hour or so.  As I was driving to work it was parting, separating in a lumpy, wadded balls of grim bleakness, while letting the brilliant, dreamy, springtime morning sun shine through.  But alas, it seems the sun has lost.

To combat the grey I am wearing bright red shoes.  I find it helps quite a bit.

I don't think a single intelligent sentence left my mouth last night.  Sure I was exhausted, but it was more rabbit induced brain damage causing me to say things like, "Who's a bunny? You're a bunny!" and "No pizza for bunnies!"  This a is a sure sign that the bunnikins need a much better home than I can provide for them.

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i can haz bunys, let me show u

When my alarm went off this morning, I was already at work, sitting at my desk.  I had to take T-Rider to the airport at the fucking asscrack of dawn (yes, it is necessary to use language like that when describing that hour of the morning), and so decided to get an early start.

It's not even worth telling the story, because of the absurdity, but the short of it is, we have some new, temporary additions to our household, let me show you:

So yes.  Um, hey, Nashville peeps, I don't suppose any of you have been looking for pet bunnies and were just waiting for me to offer them to you?

It has been grimly grey for days.  Sure it does actually seem like spring grey and not winter grey, which is good, but man, I'd really like to see the sun.

This morning I discovered that I have now lost so much weight that I can't really wear any of my good professional clothes and look, well, professional.  Most my blouses are darted and so can be taken in, I've taken a few in already, but it looks like I am going pants shopping some time soon.  If only I could actually afford a new wardrobe, but still, I am quite pleased.

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