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in dreams there are rewards

Before I woke up this morning I had a long, complicated stress dream about work and money and relationships.  However the dream ended with me sitting in a restaurant with someone, and the chef was giving us samples of their new deserts.  One included a little rectangular plate with 3 different quenelles of ice cream: pomegranate, toasted coconut and dulce du leche.  Since I’ve been awake I’ve been obsessed with the idea of dulce du leche and pomegranate ice cream.

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today was a good day, I didn’t even have to use my AK

This is the best ad I’ve seen in a long time.  “I don’t know.  He just wants them out of his back yard. ” HAHAHAHAHA!

Is it wrong that I kind of want one of these?

LOLCats are always funny, but kittens are the best.

Today Citizen Twang and I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, which was very crowded, since it was free admission day.  He gawked over Jimmie Rodgers’ guitar, I mocked the people that were more impressed with Hank Jr.’s suit than Mama Maybelle’s guitar.  Then we had delicious Mediterranean food and shopped a little.  Poor CT suffered through a 75% off sale with me.  But hey, I got a couple wine glasses, a couple bowls, a bracelet and a Buddha all for $15!  And nice things too.  Then CT suffered through my long rant about urban planning and what Nashville should be doing to revitalize downtown.  He really is the most patient person ever.

All in all, a very nice day.  Now should I take a nap before I go to work or should I try and get a head start on tomorrow’s massive spring cleaning?

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the train of thought rambles on ever so lamely

I wish I had a lot of candy to eat. Peppermint nougats. Chocolate covered peanuts.  Dark chocolate covered dried cherries. Those tiny ice cream bites covered in chocolate. Nom nom nom nom.  Alas I have, um, hmmmm, let’s see, some pocky left that I should save and, uh, sweet pickled ginger.  Not satisfying.  Though not fattening I guess.

I want to sew crazy covers for things, like heating pads and pillows and, um, anything you could possibly slip-cover. I am clearly becoming an old lady very quickly.

I am super excited about the impending Seattle/Portland visit (nine days away!!) but kind of anxious too.  I know I’ve only bothered to contact two friends to see while I am there, and I do feel a little guilty about that.  Alas I had to make sacrifices and I just can’t fit that much in this time that isn’t family.  And indeed the two people I am trying to make plans with really are family more than anything.  Oh man, and I need to pack.  And finish gift shopping.  And generally freak out for bit before it’s time to go home and visit.

I am really tired.  I could probably go to sleep right now.  Instead I am drinking endless cups of tea, typing and watching incredibly shitty movies. Tired, so tired, and yet I can’t even get it together to go to bed.  Bed would be so nice.  I could have a heating pad on achy bits and more tea, and I could read and snuggle under the giant fluffy blankets. And still here I am, on the couch, with the laptop and shitty TV.  No, I don’t what’s wrong with me, other than that I can’t even do the right thing for myself even when I know what the right thing is.

I do have a lot of projects and things I could be working on.  Except I am too tired.  You know, I just don’t like Sunday nights.  They are the loneliest and when I feel like this I just can’t do enough to distract myself.  I should just go to bed.  Tell me again why I am not there.



I feel sloggy this morning.  Which is maybe a word I made up.  Maybe meaningless.  Maybe onomatopoeic.  Or a combination of slothful and soggy, which given that rain seems to have been constant for just about ever, makes sense.

Speaking of onomatopoeia, the Catalan bird sound is piu piu which is so much better than tweet tweet.  I kind I want to go around saying it all day.  Piu piu!

Miss Ten, because she loves me, sent me this link this morning: Bacon Peanut Brittle.  Oh my.

I wish I could show you the gifts I’ve been making for people, but since those people mostly read this, I can’t.  Alas.


I got the joy joy joy joy

Today I did a bunch of my holiday shopping.  Had AWESOME tacos from a taco truck.  Went, for the first time, to the big international market, which was pretty ghetto (esp. compared to Uwajimaya), but I now have udon noodles, potstickers, humbow, many asian soup bases, pocky, horchata, and rice crackers (the good kind). After all the good shopping I had drinks and delicious dinner with Ladybug and Citizen Twang.

Today was a very good day.

Now I am watching episodes of Life. On my big, nifty TV.

Also it is Saturday night and I am not at work.

Seriously, I need to remember that life, although rough, cold, and sometimes painful, is also good and wonderful and full of tiny joys and they count the most.

Oh! And Citizen Twang and Ladybug helped me pick out new glasses today.  Pictures as soon as they come back.


chocolate lemon pie

I cooked all day.  Now I need to clean house a little and go work a seven hour shift.  I don’t think I’ve ever wished so hard for temporary power outage.  Got up too early.  Stood all day.  Now I go and run around for seven hours.  Please send booze.  And love.  And half naked Damian Lewis.  Thank you.

Things I made today: homemade lemon squares (exactly as complicated as ones from a box), chocolate lemon custard pie (homemade, my own creation, hopefully it’s good), roasted beets with garlic and fresh oregano, sausage stuffing, salad dressing (from scratch).  Hmm, that doesn’t seem like a lot.  I also crushed lots of chocolate for the pie and seeded two pomegranates, went grocery shopping, and collaborated with the lovely neighbor boys about cooking everything else tomorrow (somehow this got me out of having to mash potatoes, awesome!).  Still to be made: spinach and pea salad with feta, cornbread stuffing, Yorkshire pudding.  Blissfully enough the boys are taking care of everything else (mashed taters, sweet taters, ham, turkey, pork loin wrapped in bacon, soup, green bean casserole and hors d’oeuvres).

I love you all, I hope you have wonderful day tomorrow!!  I will be thinking of how thankful I am for your friendship as I stuff my face.