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Notes from home

My mom can’t seem to answer the phone.  I thought maybe this was a problem with her “new” cell phone (that she’s had since June), but no, she’s doing it with the house phone too.  She picks it up, hits something, says ‘hello,’ looks at the phone and then says, “what just happened that?”  It’s just very amusing to watch.  Repeatedly.  I’m not sure who all she is hanging up on, but it’s still amusing.

This morning we had the following conversation:
CrackerjackMa: The birds aren’t eating the oatmeal I put out for them.
Me: Oatmeal?
C-Ma: I guess no one likes my cooking.  Not even birds.
Me: You cooked it?
C-Ma: Do you want some eggs.
Me: Um…
She proceeds to cook the eggs until they are burned and says—
C-Ma: Ooops, got the pan too hot.
Me: I don’t think the birds want them.

Li’l sis wants me to tell the story of something silly my dad said tonight, but really there’s too much backstory.  Better is Li’l Sis saying, “You know Dad doesn’t say stuff like that when you aren’t here.  Clearly he’s trying to impress you with his intellect.”  Heeee!

Also my sister has some elaborate theory on how she thinks my mom is secretly in the Mafia.

So it’s crazy snowy here.  We shopped around downtown Seattle today.  Wow it was slippery and very crowded.  But fun.  I had goat for dinner.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my day.

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the train of thought rambles on ever so lamely

I wish I had a lot of candy to eat. Peppermint nougats. Chocolate covered peanuts.  Dark chocolate covered dried cherries. Those tiny ice cream bites covered in chocolate. Nom nom nom nom.  Alas I have, um, hmmmm, let’s see, some pocky left that I should save and, uh, sweet pickled ginger.  Not satisfying.  Though not fattening I guess.

I want to sew crazy covers for things, like heating pads and pillows and, um, anything you could possibly slip-cover. I am clearly becoming an old lady very quickly.

I am super excited about the impending Seattle/Portland visit (nine days away!!) but kind of anxious too.  I know I’ve only bothered to contact two friends to see while I am there, and I do feel a little guilty about that.  Alas I had to make sacrifices and I just can’t fit that much in this time that isn’t family.  And indeed the two people I am trying to make plans with really are family more than anything.  Oh man, and I need to pack.  And finish gift shopping.  And generally freak out for bit before it’s time to go home and visit.

I am really tired.  I could probably go to sleep right now.  Instead I am drinking endless cups of tea, typing and watching incredibly shitty movies. Tired, so tired, and yet I can’t even get it together to go to bed.  Bed would be so nice.  I could have a heating pad on achy bits and more tea, and I could read and snuggle under the giant fluffy blankets. And still here I am, on the couch, with the laptop and shitty TV.  No, I don’t what’s wrong with me, other than that I can’t even do the right thing for myself even when I know what the right thing is.

I do have a lot of projects and things I could be working on.  Except I am too tired.  You know, I just don’t like Sunday nights.  They are the loneliest and when I feel like this I just can’t do enough to distract myself.  I should just go to bed.  Tell me again why I am not there.