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devastation is not a strong enough word

So if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that my city received the equivalent of 3 months rainfall in a 48 hour period. Catastrophic.  Downtown Nashville is totally destroyed.  All the counties in Middle Tennessee have been declared disaster areas.  The damage is more than the heart of the city, but incredibly widespread and fantastically devastating.  Not only were many lives and homes lost, but the impact on our economy will be long lasting and could cripple the state for decades if we don’t get investors in as well as much needed aid.

Pressing on every citizen of the area right now is a massive water shortage.  I can’t stress how important it is to conserve.  Take a Navy shower! I just did and now I feel virtuous as well as clean!  There’s some good tips here for reducing water shortage.  I also replaced the hand soap in my bathrooms with hand sanitizer until we have water again.  And got baby wipes for quick, instant “shower” when a Navy shower is too much.  I currently have 15 gallons of bottled water in the kitchen for drinking and cooking with.  Purchased water, not hoarded tap water, people!  We need to share and conserve together.  Who knows when the second water treatment plant will come back online, so TN folk, quit washing your cars and get with the program.  Maybe you can learn some good conservation skills for the post-disaster future and make us a greener state for real.

I feel cheerfully optimistic right now.  Although who knows if the feeling will last until morning.  I have already cried a lot over this flood.  I have cried for people who have died.  And those who have lost their homes.  And jobs.  And for the ugliness the flood waters left behind (stinky mud everywhere).  Driving around the city looking at the impact was strangely cathartic.  Like I was glad that so many people seemed to go about their regular business. It seemed wrong in the face of the flood at first, but then I don’t want this to undo any more Tennesseans, and I applaud our ability to keep on going.

Still I currently have too many thoughts on the whole situation to detail here right now.  I am proud of my state that there hasn’t been looting or drama.  I am proud of how many people reached out to help others.  Still I am shocked and wounded by every piece of news of further damage that comes out.

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Flowers North and South

I just spent a week in Boston, only to return and find that it’s really, really spring in Tennessee.  I took only a handful of pictures while up north.  And then mucked it up while uploading from my camera and somehow half of them disappeared. Oops.  Here’s the few I have left:

click to view all

Most of the missing pictures are also of flowers, since that’s all I ever seem to remember to shoot. A very European neighborhood, entirely paved over but filled with flower boxes in each window sill is miraculously beautiful!

Back in Tennessee every single spring flower in my neighborhood has opened up, so I took and afternoon to walk around and try and capture a little bit of the joy:

click to see all pictures

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How I spent my winter vacation

Today was a do nothing day.  It snowed and snowed and snowed.  Tons of snow. Okay, well, a little snow in general, but a lot of snow for Nashville.  We just aren’t equipped or prepared for it this far south.  And it was a little layer of ice, a few inches of snow, more ice, more snow and a final topping of ice.  Suffice to say, given the opportunity (and a rare Saturday off work), I stayed in bed.

Which isn’t to say I did nothing.  I managed to some stuff.  I did dress up all warmly this morning to go clear the snow off the porch and steps (for the fourth time), only to discover that after the previous clearings there was nothing left but ice.  Am considering dumping a couple buckets of warm water down it tomorrow.

Since I had pants on already, I took a few pictures, just for the memories.  I confess, I just don’t like snow.  I get it, I mean, I know people like it.  They like snow sports and days off school and the sort of freedom to goof off that Americans get when it’s a rare or major snow.  But I don’t like it.  Yes, it is pretty when it’s freshly fallen.  Yes, it is quiet and pleasant for a romantic walk or an introspective one (if dressed properly).  Still, I don’t like it.  Sledding?  Cold, wet gross and mostly associated with getting snow down the back of my pants. Not fun.  Ditto snowball fights and snow angels. And, after the initial pretty snowfall, urban snow is just gross. Mashed up, dirty, trodden on and weirdly polluted.  Traffic is awful.  Especially in places like Tennessee where almost no one knows how to drive in it, and the few transplants who do either opt not too, or get too cocky and forget that all the other people on the road have no idea what they are doing.  I just don’t like it.  It makes me cranky, crotchety, bitter and unpleasant.

Um, oops, oh yes, I wasn’t ranting, I was detailing my day.  So I went outside.  Then I came back in and hunkered down with my laptop all day.  I installed all the software that had fallen by the wayside when I updated my OS.  I reinstalled all my fonts and lost some time to finding a few pretty new ones (I do love fonts).  I cleaned out my browser bookmarks (backed up first, of course).  5 years of bookmarks.  FIVE YEARS.  Whole folders of hundreds of links I hadn’t even looked at in 2 or 3 or more years.  There’s something oddly satisfying about doing that kind of clean up.  I tided a few folders on my computers.  Organized some photos.  Backed up everything on my external drive.  Managed to clear up 54 gigs of space on my laptop (a lot of stuff had gotten duplicated in the transfer after the OS upgrade, I guess).  Spent a little time tweaking things, as Windows 7 is easy and lovely and light but still new in some ways. I made to-do lists of other things I need to do (which I will start on as soon as I post this). I shopped for and purchased a new bedspread (mine is functional, and in decent shape, it’s just uncomfortable and I kind of hate it). It was a day of nothing and still something of a useful day of clearing up loose ends.

I also watched Twilight.  Now, I haven’t read the books and have no intention of it.  I have very clear idea of the plot through the whole series and I know why some people like it and why others don’t.  I’ve heard critiques of author and of the film.  The whole thing borders on a pop culture joke. Still, I was curious so I watched it.  I admit to liking some pretty lame movies.  I don’t expect my entertainment to always be highbrow or anything.  And overall, for what it was, this movie wasn’t that bad.  It was silly and very cheesy but could have been enjoyable.  However, Edward (or rather the actor playing him) really ruined it for me.  Wow, his BAD BAD BAD overacting and weird pained looks and just bizarreness in how he played the character.  It was painful.  And also, the movie was pretty beautiful in parts (enough to make me really homesick for the West Coast), but I’m unclear on the decision not to have shot it on the Olympic Peninsula, where it takes place.  I recognized a lot of the PNW locations they used (mostly in Oregon and south central Washington).  They were gorgeous locations, but they didn’t look like Forks.  Perhaps the choice was made because there isn’t much picturesque about Forks.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of good memories tied to Forks and the surrounding Reservation and forest land.  Just, you know, it doesn’t look anything like central Washington or Oregon.  And yes, it was a cheesy movie, but aside from Edward’s bad acting, what really pulled me out of it was not at all feeling  like where they filmed it looked right.  Like it was green and grey and wet in all the right ways, but it wasn’t the coast.  It lacked salt air or something. I suspect I’m a minority of viewers who would have such a problem.

I’m actually quite cheerful and pleased with my day, even though I suspect this post comes over all rantypants and insane.

Hi!  What did you all do with your Saturday?

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can’t make the proverbs come true

Momma love

Momma love

I was going to make a post.  Then I decided I was too lazy.  Then I was reading someone else’s blog and they posted the following:

“The lazier the man is, the more he plans to do tomorrow.” -Norwegian proverb

So, yeah.  I’m effing lazy.  Seriously.  I’ve kind fo been on vacation for the last week while my stedad and cousin were visiting.  I think they had a great time.  I had a good time.  We did a side trip to Chattanooga, which I’ll post pictures from as soon as I get them off loaded from the camera.  We saw lots of good music.  Ate lots of good food.  Drank lots of good wine.  I sort of feel like I need to eat raw vegetables and brown rice for the next week to recover.

I have a list of like 700 projects to finish. Am overwhelmed.  Will start tomorrow.  In the meantime I made myself new pajamas today.  And went to the grocery store.  And caught up on the best show ever, Modern Family.  Small achievements, but better, I guess than spending the whole day watching TV, which I was tempted to do.

Oh, and now, as I type this, we are having a classic WTF Nashville? moment.  Fireworks.  Randomly.  On a Thursday at 9:30 pm.  I’m not joking when I say this happens all the time.  Better yet, I just checked all the local news sources and there’s no comment on what event coulld be happening to cause this.  Libelle also was asleep.  Alas our cool E.Nash location means the fireworks always sound like the start of a new war.  *sigh*

It seemed the fireworks were over, but now low flying helicopters.  Nashville is definitely not the place to live if you have PTSD from being a war zone.  Or if you want to sleep on a week night.

Um, I can’t even remember what I was going to write about now. We will assume the fireworks are because it’s my momma’s birthday today. She deserves at least that much celebration.

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weekend mash up

Gmail is advertising to me: “Learn How To Kiss A Girl In A Way That Makes Her Melt In Your Arms” presumably because I was quoting Cory Branan lyrics back and forth with TimmyMac? Hard to say. Also I’m pretty sure you can’t learn how to kiss on the internet. I’ve often wondered if it’s something that one just inherently does right. I mean, can it be learned at all?

I might consider trying to make something like this. I’m not actually sure I would wear this, but it’s called “Willamette” and something about the fabric and cut makes me think of summers at the beach with my Gramma Marge (who lived in the Willamette Valley–Mid-Valley– for those of you not in the know). I actually can’t decide if I like it or if just calls to me in some nostalgic way.

I stumbled on this posting the other day and am now actively fantasizing about winning the lottery and buying a this gorgeous riad in Marrakech. I mean check it out, it’s a steal. We should all just pool our money and go. I know things can’t make me happy, that I have to find it in myself. But I bet it’s WAY easier to look inside yourself when you live in a place that looks like that.

I know I’ve been in absentia for a while. I did post my pictures of my Seattle trip. I don’t know have much to say about it. It really was a grand and lovely trip. The weather was gorgeous. The company was fantastic. The food was great, as was the beer. I’ve been a little homesick since I got back and I keep dreaming about the ocean. Also I’m pretty proud of the pictures I took on this trip, though I think they are an unrealistic portrayal of the city. It’s that beautiful, just not that beautiful every day.

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Thinky thoughts

I am freaking exhausted.  Staying up until 4 am pretending to be a cool rock chick will do that, I guess. Fun night, better day (despite the hangover) showing the PNW boys Nashberg.

Fall still seems to be raining it’s way in.  I’ve gotten pretty used to Indian summers here. I guess it’s still possible.  It’s just been so overwhelmingly grey and insanely wet for the last week.  The air tastes like despair.  I have been here, in the sun, for so long now that apparently it takes only a week of grey for SAD to set in.  Luckily a good day of bright Southern sunlight can knock it out.  Now if only the sun would come out.

Libelle and I went shopping yesterday and I got an amazing wool coat, Italian, with the tags still on at the new Goodwill for $15.  I am smitten with it. It’s purple, but not too purple.  I like autumn all right, though I lament the loss of summer.  The coat is so wonderful that I think I might actually make it through winter.  I will try to take pictures tomorrow.

I lost my evening reading random personal blogs that Google Reader recommended me.  Usually it recs me sewing blogs or something clearly related to other blogs I read (like music or local news) but I got these two random ones.  One a girl who seems lonely and sad, but maybe doesn’t realize how pathetic she comes across (lots of writing about the boyfriend she misses, even though they broke up a year ago and she hasn’t spoken to him in seven months, ugh, so sad).  And another is a sort of hipstery dude in Brooklyn, but he posts kind of interesting art, and these hilarious (possibly unintentionally so) one line movie reviews, so I might follow him for a while.

Then I was thinking about how these blogs are nothing but weird windows into people’s lives so I went back and read my own entries from the last three Septembers.  And I guess since this blog is sort of about nothing, it is also a weird little window into my life.  I was reminded that I get really homesick every September, so it is excellent that I am going out to visit this week (omg, I need to pack).  And there’s odd little entries like this one that make my life seem interesting.  I guess my life is interesting.

I was contemplating some meme where you put all your past addresses into Google Earth and post the pictures of them, but then it seemed oddly morbid. Still, here is the house I grew up in.  It is part of what makes me interesting.  This pictures makes me happy.  Maybe it is because it seems so sunny.

The Placebo version of this song was on the premiere of Vampire Diaries (which so far doesn’t suck) and reminded me of how much I love it.  I have probably listened to it six times tonight.  It makes me feel lonely and happy at the same time.  This video is clearly dated though still incredibly lovely.

This live performance is also dated, but the emotion in it is fantastic.

I am covered in mosquito bites from walking around Spring Hill cemetery this morning.  I hate the word “upcycle.”  I am tired and achy.  I should be in bed.  Instead I am scrunched up on the love seat eating a sandwich consists of wheat bread (the cheap, crappy kind that is like brown white bread), tartar sauce (better than mayo on sandwiches) and havarti.  It is kind of trashy and incredibly delicious.

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dreaming of a walk I could take

Rambla del Passeig del Bornimage by hoskitar

I spent a few hours standing around (walking/shopping), then I worked for 5 hours (walking/standing), then I came home and did I sit down on the couch and relax like a normal person?  Of course not. I made cookies then I ran around the house re-shelving books.

I had to re-shelve books.  Today I freed myself from all my old college books that have been moved around for years.  They are gone.  Gone!!!  Of course I took them to the used bookstore and got trade on them which means many new books for me and Libelle.  And the many books we already had were all out of order.  So I sorted, moved and reshelved.  And then I sat down and stared at the shelves too long. Of course I got back up, moved some more stuff around.  Now I am freaking exhausted, achey and very pleased with my shelves.  So that’s something.

Now I am finally on the couch.  Watching Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List with Libelle.  The cookies are all eaten.  Books are sorted.  My next sewing project is cut.  It’s like 2 am.  I should probably go to bed.  I’m half tempted to sew or try and clean my desk (ack! too big of a job) or write or be useful.  But I won’t.  I can’t even be bothered to get a beer from the fridge.  Mostly because I think it would be too much effort to drink it.  Instead I will meditate on the image above and imagine reading my new books in Barcelona while wearing the new dress  am going to make.  It will be fantastic.

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getting ready to catch up

Amazon has this new button you can add to your browser that will allow you to add nearly anything you can find on the internet to your wishlist.  This is fantastic.  Not just for glorious, disgustingly consumer aspect of it, but simply for keeping lists of things.  I maintain a private wish list on Amazon, not for gifts, but rather so I can keep track of things I want to read or watch or whatever.  Now I can keep track of things Amazon doesn’t have.  I am quite gleeful over this.  (And since I am talking about it, here is a gratuitous link my own wishlist, in case one of you won the lottery this weekend and were thinking you needed to buy me a present.)

Amazon has long ben trying to ensure that I rarely go anywhere else to get stuff and they are slowly realizing that dream. If Amazon Fresh ever becomes available where I live then I’ll have to get dressed even less often.  Fabulous.

Had a fantastic visit with my sister.  Did lots of touristy stuff, lots of chores, lots of lazy stuff and lots of laughing.  I posted our pictures of the Lost Sea and Cheekwood on Flickr.  Sadly we didn’t take nearly enough pictures of anything, but then we never do.

What I learned from this trip was that I still like travelling with my family and I need to win the lottery, so there can be much much more sister travelling.

I’m ridiculously excited for the new Harry Potter movie.  I probably won’t go see it this week, but soon!!   In anticipation of it, I made Libelle watch the Daniel Radcliffe episode of Extras (the scene with Dame Diana Rigg has got to be one of the funniest things ever put on TV)  and we’ve had all the movies on in the background today (one of the channels is showing them all).

It’s been a much needed lazy day around here.  I did actually bathe, but barely got dressed.  I posted pictures online, read blogs, drank coffee, made lunch, took out the trash, read a little, picked up my room a little, washed my hair (very time consuming), and lazed around a lot.  Very nice for a grey and somewhat stormy Sunday.

With my sister gone life returns somewhat to normal.  Which means I need to start Getting Things Done.  The only question is, what exactly will those things be?

The most immediate concern is, what will I do about dinner?  Why are there no cute, red-haired (Weasley) boys to bring me carnitas?  Or perhaps a nice Cobb salad?  Instead I’ll have to forage on my own through the depths of the fridge.  Sadly we did not make it to the store today.

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lost week

Today was a total loss for me.  I achieved almost nothing but eating, surfing the internet, watching TV and picking up a little bit (a very, very little bit) around the house.  I also took my mom to the airport which was very sad.

We had a good visit.  On the one hand I didn’t get hardly anything productive done in the past week, but on the other, I had a great week.  I think my mom had a good time too.  We went on lots and lots of walks, saw Star Trek (mmmm, Chris Pine), saw the Medieval art thing at the Frist, ate many great meals (including my own discovery of new to me good places to eat in Nashville), went to the museum under the Parthenon, walked more, shopped a lot (new shoes!), got pedicures, saw the great museum at Cheekwood (fantastic especially the William Edmondson sculptures), spent much time loitering at Ugly Mugs, and of course, I worked a bunch causing Ma to spend a lot of time at the bar (but I think she had a good time).  I got plenty of exercise and maybe not enough sleep (especially last night).

I definitely feel somewhat guilty about shirked responsibilities.  But hey, I feel like a good daughter and pretty relaxed and excited about new parts of my city I discovered.  Alas as with nearly every vacation we take together, I forgot entirely to take pictures.

And now back to regular life.  I’m somewhat terrified by what my to do list will look like tomorrow morning.

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I want to wear only cute skirts and t-shirts, or jeans and cute blouses.  To that end, I’ve been making blouses.  I’ve only been modifiying existing shirts and making really, really simple blouses (pics soon) but maybe, maybe I am ready to work up to real blouses.  I definitely need a dress form in my size though, as the trying on while sewing thing isn’t going to work for much longer.

It is late and I am awake, and cold and I want to be in bed, warm, snug and preferably sleeping.  Here are some reasons I am not asleep:

Day 3 of no smoking for me.  (Yes, okay, thank you.  Please feel free to mock, berate or chastize me if you see me smoking, otherwise, I’m not yet ready for your support.  Rather just be aware that I am freakishly, unnaturally bitchy right now.)

Work was less than satisfactory.  While clearing one of my last tables, I found a half full pack of cigarettes that some patrons left.  Fuck you, universe.

Some guy got robbed at gun point in our parking lot tonight.  I gave the left cigarettes to the girlfriend fo the guy who got robbed.  She seemed to need them.

I feel both safe and not safe.  I am anxious and yet exhausted.  The sentencing hearing for the guys who robbed me at gunpoint is at 9am the morning after my birthday.  I have nothing deep, meaningful or sensible to say about all that except it all still kind of pisses me off.  I will drink more beer, hopefully sleep and ask everyone to remember that East Nashville isn’t the suburbs, it’s still gentrifying neighborhood and you can’t be too cautious.

Warm weather can’t get here soon enough.  Really.  Also I wish everyone I love in the world could be here right now to see the dogwoods.  You don’t know dogwoods until you’ve driven around neighborhoods in Tennessee in spring.  My heart hurts with hugeness of the beauty and my inability to share it with everyone.

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just chillin’

Among the myriad of other things I have to do today, I was going to pull out the lighter spring bedding and pack away the heavier winter stuff. Of course the weather isn’t having this.  It’s supposed to be just at or right below freezing tonight and tomorrow night.  Even as I type this the temps have dropped so much from yesterday that my hands are slightly stiff with the chill.

I was going to pack away sweaters and pull out cute skirts and blouses too.  I might still do that as I always have hoodies to wear and I am seriously so sick of my winter clothes.  Yes, I have to take stuff to charity today anyway, I guess I should sort out the sweaters while I still remember which ones I never wore.

This weekend we spring cleaned.  It is so clean in my house!!  Of course you can’t really tell as the clutter still lives and much of the cleaning was under and behind things.  But I know it’s clean!  Hurrah!  Clean!  Also Libelle purchased a $10 painting for the that one weird wall that runs betwen the kitchen and the dining room.  It’s is hideous.  Hilariously so.  And really, it looks better than that wall did before.  Maybe even the painting isn’t so bad, though the colors are a little garish (I admit I helped pick so part of that might be my fault) and the frame is awful but the overall effect of all of it is quite cheerful.  I guess I should just post pictures, huh?


I can’t believe that just happened

Days ago I wrote that I wasn’t going to complain about recent happenings.  And really, I am past complaining, well in to the ‘all one can do is laugh’ stage.

So I had a series of small mishaps yesterday.  And then Ladybug came home.  She closed the door behind her.  In a normal, non-violent way.  She took a step into the house and the glass shattered in the front door. Those of you who have been here will recall that most of the entire front door is glass.

I called the landlord and did my best to explain that it just broke.  That we weren’t playing indoor hockey, or fighting with redneck, half-toothed boyfriends or anything.  It just broke.

This month, the glass just broke along with the fridge, the dryer, the deep freeze, Ladybug’s windshield and my car.  And the pipes, the water heater, the neon sign and the ice machine at work.  Not to mention countless tiny problems in communication and household things.

Now I’m not saying nothing good has happened recently, because good things certainly have happened, but you’d have to do some pretty serious convincing to prove to me that there’s balance in the universe right now.  But I am thinking positively.  I mean, we must be generating a serious stockpile of good luck right now.

And really, I guess I’m not explaining the complexity of each situation.  For instance, while taping cardboard over the door (to keep the 30 degree temps out until boards could be put up), I tried to cut out a bit of the cardboard around the lock (you know, so we could still use the door) and the scissors completely broke in my hand.  As I rushed off, late for work, leaving poor Ladybug to finish taping up the cardboard, the packing tape dispenser completely broke in her hand (we couldn’t even find the duct tape).  With each new, small disaster, things have gone much the same.  As if it isn’t enough for something to break, it has to also be unusually complicated to deal with after it has broken.

And so once again begins a day when I would like to set out and run some errands but am, instead, sitting around waiting for someone to come fix something that is broken.  I have plenty of work to do here, I guess, but really I am too agitated to focus.  I suspect I won’t feel calm in my house until I have a front door again.  Nor will I be going anywhere.  I’ll just sit here feeling anxious and stressy.  Maybe I should have some more coffee.


wash away

I spent most of the morning looking at pictures of the flooding in Washington State and trying not to cry.  I didn’t succeed.  I cried a lot.  And I’m still looking.  Partly because I still feel like I can’t even guess at how bad it really is and partly because I feel fact obsessed.  I want to know all the rivers that flooded, how high they went, how that matches with past records.  As if a stack of facts could help me make sense of it.

It seems like every time the really bad flooding happens, people act like it’s okay because it’s a once in a hundred years thing.  But it isn’t.  For a while I have been 100% certain that the flooding has gotten substantially worse in my life time. And apparently I am right.   Not just climate change, but logging and floodplain development are to blame.  The only thing about that article that pisses me off is the meteorologist guy saying that we don’t know which individual storms are caused by climate change.  Okay, buddy, so no blame on climate change since we can’t identify individual storms? Isn’t enough to say that storms are increasing in frequency and magnitude?  Do we have to pinpoint which are normal freak storms and which are caused by climate change? Does it make a fucking difference? There are more and worse storms. It’s bad.

So Washington is washing away.  Tennessee is being buried in toxic sludge.  I’d say that I better start planning that move to Barcelona, but the droughts there are causing pretty bad fresh water shortages .  So one wonders if there is anywhere safe to go.  Should I just move into a self sufficient little cabin in the Rockies somewhere and hope I don’t die in a snowstorm?  Or maybe a little adobe in rural New Mexico?

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soooooo tired

The laundry room is so clean.  I can’t even express to you how disgusting it was, or how much work it was.  But it’s done.  Hurray!  Also the living room is cleaner and we have a few groceries.

Then we watched the last three episodes of Band of Brothers and now I have a headache from crying so much.  Seriously I think this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve watched it all the way through and I still cry my eyes out every time.  It’s just so good.

Also have you all see this little French toddler?  Will totally add cheer to your day.

A layman’s explanation of the mortgage crisis.

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clean and shop

Ladybug and I are about to embark on a serious, serious journey. Our very lives are at risk, so please, if you have chance, think good thoughts for us today.

What’s so big? Cleaning the laundry room. No seriously. The laundry room is a dank closet of a room, with a partial concrete floor (the rest is dirt). It is currently filled with a disgusting mess of old moldy blankets and clothes heaped in one corner and a surely dangerous heap of old laundry containers in another pile. Much of this is from the former neighbors who were perhaps some of the messiest, most inconsiderate people I have ever met. We plan on undertaking the task with pitchforks, shovels and heavy boots. If I had a hazmat suit I’d wear it. I am terrified of spiders.

I have this sweater. It looks better in real life than in that picture. Alas it seems somewhat delicate. Which is too bad because I want to wear every single day until spring comes back. LOOK! It looks like fall and like me and like joy!

Pretty Cabbage girl posted these prints a couple days ago. I am mesmerized by the one from Ashland (where I was born!). Along with these I have recently become obsessed with photography. It is also that time of year when I start thinking of presents (I actually started shopping yesterday, or before if you count fabric and plans for stuff I am making people). I strive to want nothing. It’s long long long long road however, before I achieve that level of Buddhist minimalism and thus I still make wish lists every year. I am focusing on the Etsy this year, since I am also a maker of handmade things, I would like to encourage every one to support such artists. And as ever, with the holidays on us, I’d much rather have you buy some something I made to give to some else, than buy something for me. (When I say that I can never tell if I come off as an insane Capitalist or if the intended spirit of sharing and passing things on really comes through). However, I have begun to fill my Etsy favorites list with photography, if nothing else you should go look, just so you can see the pretty pretty pretty pictures.

Need more coffee. Ad protective, durable clothes. Here we go to work.