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This Charming Man

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Will Seattle make a man of him yet?

On a night out in Seattle’s gay club scene, a chance encounter with an intriguing older man inspires Steven Frazier with visions of a more rewarding life. But when Steven abandons drugs and one-night stands, his loyal-but-venomous best friend won’t set him free without a fight. Must Steven sacrifice friendship—and forsake an unrequited love—to follow his dreams?

As Steven’s horizons expand, his friends now include eclectic new arrivals, helping to keep his quest on track. Working to reinvent himself, Steven seeks to prove his worth, driven by exquisite longing for a charming man just out of his reach.

Both reflective and intensely sexy, This Charming Man is a novel about friendship, hope, and personal growth. This story captures the drama of coming into one’s own as an adult and creates a vibrant snapshot of Seattle in the early 1990s.

This Charming Man is a standalone book in the interrelated Queen City Boys series. This book contains depictions of drug use, and emotional manipulation/abuse.

ISBN and other facts
ISBN ebook: 978-1939423283
ISBN print: 978-1939423252
Genre: Gay fiction, romance
Length: 105k words, 360 pages
Published: Nov 1, 2014
Contains explicit sexual content, drug use, emotional manipulation/abuse
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