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Queen City Boys Books

Queen City is often used to describe the largest city in a country, state, province, or territory that is not the capital. In 1869, Seattle was given the epithet “The Queen City of the Pacific.” This lasted until 1982, when the Seattle–King County Convention and Visitors Bureau adopted “The Emerald City” as the new moniker.

Seattle has many names: Jet City, Rain City, the City of Flowers, the City of Goodwill, the Emerald City. Still, some residents find the old name better recognizes the culture they live in and speaks to the hidden history of their city.

Queen City Boys Books:


The Queen City Boys books are a roman-fleuve, an interrelated series of standalone books with no particular reading order. Spanning four decades in Seattle, Queen City Boys tells the explicit adventures of an eclectic group of gay friends as they find their way through the ends and beginnings of their most important relationships.