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What’s going on here?

This site is ever evolving. It grew out of a personal blog started in 2006 and has cataloged my reading habits, my shoe obsession, my relationships, and my ongoing love of storytelling in any media. It has thrived, shriveled, and been reborn again and again. Now this site turns back to me: a presentation of self, and marketing for my work as an author.

On this site you’ll find: where to find and buy my books, how to find my other writing and projects, links to things I love, and if you’re inclined, my endlessly rambling blog on diverse subjects.

091abTattooed ex-punk, androgynous glam rock, glittery intergalactic nonbinary queer.

Ajax Bell is more than a pseudonym. I’m a many-faceted person, and Ajax is one of my bright sides, the one that gets words down on paper. There’s more to me: I cook and sew (neither as well as I’d like). I write (lucky accident of having to work only one job to live). Given the time and money, I’d move to Spain, walk on the beach, eat delicious food, read all day, and write all night.

My most spectacular super power? Not fitting in. I’m not so much a square peg in a round hole, but a four-dimensional object in a three-dimensional world. My stories aren’t any easier to categorize than I am. They defy genre, crossing over and back between gay lit, erotica, and coming-of-age narratives, love stories with happy endings that aren’t quite romance. That my stories are explicit and full of beautiful, smart, queer people is just wish fulfillment; I write the stories I want to read. Maybe some of you will like them too.

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