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The amazing sense of accomplishment even finishing something simple brings

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I started a dress last fall, or late last summer, with some fabric that I loved.  Alas it was really the wrong fabric for the pattern (wrong weave, wrong weight), I tried lining it with little success, I cut the pockets wrong and sewed them in way too high, couldn’t get the back to fit together.  What’s known in the industry as a wadder.  Wad it up and throw it away in frustration.  So it’s been hanging on the works in progress rack forever, taunting me.  Yesterday I cut it up and made it into a blouse.

Most of my blouses are more of a cutesy, 40s-ish style, which I love, but maybe I’ve been needing something a little more grown up lately.  So here’s the end result:

I’m actually fairly pleased with the fit and the drape.  A nice silk would have been better.  I might make another of these, though, because I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think this will be good with jeans too and maybe even shorts in summer.  And this pic doesn’t really do justice to the colors of the actual blouse. It’s definitely more teal and purple, with nice neutral tan and grey in the alternating stripes.  YAY I SEWED SOMETHING ALL THE WAY TO THE END.  I think I can do this again someday.  Very satisfying.

Pattern (Simplicity 2594) and line drawing:

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One thought on “The amazing sense of accomplishment even finishing something simple brings

  1. Love it! You’re a pretty lady, pretty lady. ❤

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