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Some days you can do nothing but sew

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Dress in a day!  Hooray!  Today I made this Donna Karan Vogue 1236 pattern:

This is a toile for a future dress.  It is a definite win, the ever elusive wearable muslin:

I made it out of a lightweight cotton in a purple, black and blue stripe.  I think the fabric looks a little homespun, in a nice way.  I was trying it on with my Converse as I was sewing and was pleased with it as lightweight summer running around dress.

I tried dressing it up too:

And then I wore it around the house undone, which is maybe a little too tent-like to wear outside of the house unbelted:

I am happy with how this turned out, but I will probably cut down the pattern a size or maybe two for the final dress.  This works, but doesn’t exactly need to be quite this big!  I will probably make the wide belt pictured in the pattern as well, but I was very short on fabric for this go around.

I also finished a few alterations I had lying around this weekend too.  It’s nice to finally make a dent in things I mean to get done.  And!  I took pictures of my house in a semi-clean, semi-put together state and will hopefully get those uploaded this week.  And pictures from my trip a couple weeks ago.  I guess I still have some projects but need to put some dents in.

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