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Why isn’t the weekend longer?

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This weekend I finished the second skirt from last week’s pattern.  I cut the pattern down two sizes and used a lighter, slightly stretchier fabric.  The results are certainly improved, though I think I need to use an even lighter fabric, or just something more drapey with a softer hand.  Still, this version is in dark brown and will definitely get summer wear.  I had to go to the fabric store to get elastic, so I got some lighter weight black fabric to revisit that with, and some grey fabric, to cover all my needs for neutral skirts (of which I currently only have denim ones so this will be great).  No skirt pictures today, I’ll save them for when I have some top finished to show it with.

I did take some pictures of the new digs this weekend though.  Not the living room yet, I’m saving that for when it’s fully furnished and not filled with stacks of unpacked boxes (though I am down to mostly books on that front and just need to get a bookshelf and rug or two to finish the room).  But for those who are interested or who asked, here’s shots of the kitchen and bedroom:

click for the full set at Flickr

Yeah, I want to paint that table and chairs.  Yeah, I want to cover those cabinet faces in wall paper or something, but it’s definitely coming along.  Need for rugs and a bookshelf aside, I am mostly comfortable hanging out art home now.  I could maybe use an ottoman and few more baking supplies, but over all it’s great.  Just don’t look in my closets which are jammed with stuff and probably should be actually organized at some point.

This weekend I put away the heavy winter bedding and did get some organizing done as well as few small, nitpicky tasks that needed doing (like hand sewing the corners on the bed skirt so the edges of the box spring would stop peeking out).  Last weekend I packed away my winter clothes and pulled out the summer dresses and lighter weight work slacks.  Bring it on, season change, I am ready!

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