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I said I do it and I’ve at least started!


Last night I did the test run on Simplicity 2258.  We’ll call this a wearable muslin.  The initial pattern size I cut ran really big.  This is about 2 sizes too large on me, but the elastic waist band makes it work okay.  The fabric was probably too stiff for this pattern, although maybe it would have been fine if the pattern had been sized correctly from the beginning.  That said I’ll probably wear this, at least until I find better black fabric for it.  I LOVE this pattern.  It went together in two hours from cutting through finishing.  The pockets are crazy easy, well sized and go in very easily.  I’m excited to try this again in different fabrics.

Here it is with my awesome new thrift store boots:

And the pocket detail:

And while I had the black canvas out, I made a new apron for table waiting shifts at the restaurant:

Hoping to cut out the brown version of the skirt this weekend and start on some of the refashions I need to get finished.

Momentum!  I has it!  Can I keep it going?

Bonus – recent search terms used to find my blog:

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2 thoughts on “I said I do it and I’ve at least started!

  1. Purty! Love the apron!

  2. Thanks! I thought you might like it!

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