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The season of giving


That is, the season of giving things to ME.  Look what Talk to Owls bought me:

It’s a shiny, PURPLE, girly bike for riding ’round town and ’round the park.  In case you forgot, TTO is charming, sweet and generous.  I didn’t forget.  I didn’t even need the bike to remind me, although it sure is nice to have.

My mom got me a shiny new phone which  am quit smitten with.  Except for getting used to typing on a touch screen it is perhaps the easiest, most intuitive device I have ever owned.

I also finished THREE sewing projects this weekend.  Pictures and project progress updates soon, I swear.  For now I am going to go take my last autumnal apple cake out of the oven (don’t be sad, winter gingerbread cake starts soon). And read a book.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

2 thoughts on “The season of giving

  1. Mad points awarded! I’m looking for a ‘work’ bike now. Just one for downtown for errands, etc. I especially want a stepthrough like you have. Because, well, I own two pairs of pants 🙂

  2. YAY! Yeah, this is the first stepthrough I’ve owned and I’m super excited about it. My first thought when I got it? “Now, I have to sew a bunch a cute 40s-ish shirtdresses to ride this bike in so I can look like I’m an old move!”

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