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At least there will be cake.

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We have reached that time of year again!  Count down to my birthday!  This year I am counting down not because I am excited but because I am sort of ambivalent about it and trying to get excited. I have a weird thing about birthdays that end in 7.  Like 30 and 35? No big deal. 37? Do not want.

I’m not planning a party, although I might road trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest that weekend.  Who knows? We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just around and eat cake and feel sorry for myself.  The possibilities are endless.

And as always, no presents necessary, though I do like little notes from any and all of you.  If you really need to show your affection, I’m down for non-material gifts (spa or massage certificates, theatre tickets and the like).  If you really, really want to get me something, the two things I want the most are multiple yards of this fabric or these boots (size 8).  Both make me swoony.  And yes, I would make a dress of the fabric and wear the boots with it. Every day. Still, if you are spending money, consider donating to Haiti relief in my name.  Or the American Heart Association.  Of course my birthday is 34 days away, so you plenty of time to win the lottery and do all of the above.

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