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Color, color, color, color!  Can y’all help me?  I’m trying to decide on color palette for the website I’m doing for my budding project.  Tell me if you like one of these choices better.  The overall background would be white, clean and easy to read. These color groups would accent the design.

Which do you like better?




I’m leaning toward the purple but in general I always choose purple if it’s an option, so I thought I’d solicit some help from you,  my lovely friends.

And while I am thinking about color, let me tell you about this fabric.  I am OBSESSED with it.  It’s expensive.  I am on a “no spend” restriction for February (meaning nothing expenses but necessities) and yes, I guess I could wait until March to buy it.  But wow, I want it so badly.  My head is swimming with spring skirts and gorgeous summer dresses made of this print.  Maybe it’s just because winter has had me so down and this fabric is so spring-like.  I’m not sure but I WANT it.  Just look:

It’s amazing, right?

And it comes in many pretty colorways:

I want it so badly! But at $17 a yard it is prohibitively expensive (I’d need at least 3 yards to fulfill my dreams of what to do with this fabric).  Then again, it might be worth eating nothing but rice and vegetables for weeks to make up the difference.

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