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Well that took all day


So my whole plan for the day was to finish up the unfinished sewing projects that are half done and covering most of my workspace on my sewing table.  This morning I thought I’d just organize my sewing table a little before I got started.  I really, really should have taken a “before” picture.

Clicking on the picture above will take you to Flickr so you can see my notes on the picture.

My little round of organizing ended up taking ALL DAY.  I cleaned the sewing table.  I sorted out everything that wasn’t necessary or sewing related and put it away else where.  I took all my hand drafted patterns and all my cut but unfinished sewing projects and put each one on a clippy clothes hanger.  I threw away scraps, threads and empty boxes.  I dusted and rearranged.

Even after all that I was still left with a pile on the right hand side of my sewing machine: scissors, pins, hand sewing needles, measuring tape, seam rippers, marking pencil.  All of which is generally buried in a pile of the loose thread ends cut off at the end of each seam stitched.  I have long been wanting a little weighted mini trash can for these threads.  So today I took the rest of the afternoon and made myself one.  You can see it there, on the right side of the table.  It’s AWESOME.  I used this tutorial, which was pretty quick and easy considering the lovely outcome.  All I need to finish now is to find someone with a drill and bit that will make a 1.5″ diameter hole, so I can drill through the center of the table and drop the sewing machine cords straight down.

So, go on, click through to Flickr and see the exciting details.

Now it’s dinner time and then maybe I’ll spend the evening actually finishing those projects I set out to work on this morning.

Author: Ajax Bell

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2 thoughts on “Well that took all day

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous workspace! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having everything in its place. Well done!

  2. Thanks, Ten! Even just the little bit of sewing I did tonight was WAY better with my little tool caddy. I’m anxious to get lots more work done now.

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