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Last night I switched my laptop over to Windows 7 (which is made of WIN), and I’m pretty happy.  I lost a single folder of stuff, which I didn’t really need anyway.  I reorganized most of my computer files (the photos are still out of control but that’s a whole night’s work by itself, so some other time).  Now my computer feels shiny, happy and new, so that’s good!

Buoyed by this sense of accomplishment I started to take hold of my life today.  Well, that’s a huge project, but I got the closet cleaned out.  Packed away my summer clothes.  Pulled out all the fleecy lounge pants.  How much do I love Nashville weather that it was possible to wait until the last day of November to do this?  Granted it was an abnormally warm November, but still awesome!

Now I’ve finished lunch.  The closet stuff is done, including taking stuff to the Goodwill drop off.  The laundry is laundering.  I have a massive, ambitious to-do list.  Which really I need to break down into ongoing lists of projects to be done, and then parcel that out into smaller daily and weekly lists.  I could in fact lose an entire afternoon just to trying to organize all my projects, which really, I probably should do.  Hmmm.

(Picture today from Ricko on Flickr.)

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