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Would I be happier if I lived here?

– Yesterday I waited 7 or 8 minutes at a train crossing.  Too long. At least too long for 2pm.  Maybe in the middle of the night, but not the middle of the day.

– I am in between perfumes.  That seems weird, I guess.  But the summer scent I was wearing just isn’t appropriate for cooler weather.  The winter scent I wore last year now seems cloying and strange to me.  I’ve found one I like but it’s prohibitively expensive and the lasting power on it isn’t great.  I want my perfume to last if it’s going to be expensive. My most favorite scent ever was discontinued a couple years back and I’ve been only temporarily satisfied ever since.  I feel like I’m settling with the scents I’ve used in recent years.  I need to find one.  Or two (summer/winter).  Just some scent I love, rather than something I can live with.  In search of this obviously I need to go to the store and smell lots of stuff, but also I’ve seen reading perfume sites for reviews and to get a basic idea of which perfumes contain the notes I want (vanilla, lavender and grapefruit/blood orange–any or any combination of these).  I think I’ve narrowed it down.  Wish me luck.  Also if you see me and I smell good, tell me.  It’ll help me choose.

– Some one needs to come up with books I don’t have to hold up to read. I like to read in bed. But my hands always get cold being outside the covers.  Why can’t the book just hang in front of me at the angle I want?

– My sinues hurt so badly, and I ache all over.  Stuffy and sore throat and yuck.  The kind of yuck where you wish your mom would bring you soup while you watch movies. Or maybe your boyfriend could bring you spicy thai chicken soup and rub your neck and feel sorry for you.  Alas, I have no access to this kind of comfort.  So instead I will watch episodes of Fringe and whine to you guys.  Whine whine whine whine.

I should be sewing, or working, or doing something but mostly I am too pathetic.  Am drinking gallons of fresh ginger tea which should fix me right up.  Was going to make green chicken curry today but I am too pathetic to even go to the store.  Instead I will take a hot shower and a nap until I have to go to work.  Is there some sort of sinus removal operation? What do I really need them for anyway?


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Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

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