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So my new machine has 7 of these 10 must have features.  I’m not sure I’d need the other 3.  Of course I didn’t know I needed the 7 I have until I had them.  I have to confess, sewing is MUCH easier with the new machine.  The speed adjustment really keeps me from rushing things so I can make much straighter lines and much smoother curves.  Although I should probably break out some scrap fabric and spend some time drilling myself on curves though.  Slow definitely helps but I imagine practice will help the most.

I have a few things finished that I really need to photograph, I don’t know why I’ve been unable to do that as it doesn’t really take that much time.  I did get one of these.    Which is like the coolest toy ever for a camera.  I can’t believe how well it works.  Who ever though of this is a genius! So, yes, pictures sooner than later.

After playing with someone else’s I am dying for an iPod Touch.  I actually don’t desire an iPhone.  I’m fine with a little Samsung flip phone.  I really kind of only want it to be a phone.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable combining everything.  But the iPod Touch?  WAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNT.  It looks amazingly perfect for travel. Music and movies?  Games?  Wi-fi web browsing?  I do wish there was non-Apple equivalent (I’d buy it right now), but I’m seriously considering socking away $5 a day for a few weeks and just getting one.  My iPod is coming up on 4 years now, it might actually be time for a replacement.  And fancy, shiny, fun step up.  It can be the reward I set for myself for finishing my next series of projects.

Picture from vincentchow.net

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