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“You’re so profoundly sad.”
“No, it’s just my people are Nordic.”

AHAHAHAHAHAH!  Okay, I’m catching up on Mad Men finally (and yes that means means I’m barely into the second season), but wow, if that isn’t the best line ever. If only because it’s true.  And because it’s much like a conversation I recently had.  I wonder if there has been research about Scandinavian people being more inclined to melancholy.  Or do people just assume it’s the cold and lack of light somehow infusing our genetics.

The only bad thing about being so far behind on Mad Men is that I don’t really have any one to talk to about it.  I can’t be like, “Oh, can you believe that episode!?!” because everyone else saw it a year ago.  *sigh*  Oh well, I’m almost up to the new season, then I can be all cool and in the know.

So far this weekend I have watched way too much TV (though all of it Mad Men), spend a lovely day day chatting with my own Birdy about sewing and boys and TV and friends. I also tailored all my jeans so they fit better after all the weight I’ve lost.  I guess this is inclination to keep eating healthy and maybe exercise, since now none of my pants will fit if I gain the weight back. I also tore up some of our  ugly, raggedy throw pillows and made some shiny, new ones, which are, uh, very bright.  And maybe tacky, but definitely more comfortable than ones we had.

Today I need to cut out some of the next projects on my lists, work on some web stuff and take a bunch of pictures of stuff I have finished.  I was going to get a pedicure too, but I slept all morning (after staying up half the night watching MM) so  maybe that will have to happen tomorrow.

Now, I need to put on pants so I’m not embarassing myself when the neighbor boys come over to help me fix the broken coffee table.

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