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mechanical joy


Here is my new sewing machine!!  It’s a digital Brother, factory refurbished, so I got it for about 55% off (including the same 25 year warranty the new machines come with).  To buy it I sold one of my manual machines and pair of cowboy boots (I will surely get more use out of this machine than my 8th pair of boots).  I have only played with it a little.  It has so many stitches!! Here’s a tiny few:

What I noticed most so far is that they few things I’m still good at as a seamstress, this machine appears to fix for me.  I have always had trouble regulating speed, especially when I need to go slowly.  This machine has speed settings, so when I need to go slow, I can just set it for slow! Also the needle always ends in a perfect down position, which is great for appliques.  And it has a fancy button that raises or lowers the needle to perfect up or perfect down.  These probably seem like such simple things to more advanced seamstresses (or people who already have fancy machines) but I can see that this is going to make many things much easier for me.

I kept the heavier duty of my two Kenmores.  Partly because I think a back-up is always a good idea and partly because I do a lot of shirring with elastic bobbin and I think that probably is guaranteed to go smoother on a manual machine (plus I can just keep the machine set up with elastic thread, so I don’t have to keep switching).  And all the fancy presser feet I bought in the last year also fit this machine, so I can switch them between machines!

I am very excited about this.  I guess I better get cracking on my big list of projects.  In the past 18 months I have gone from a 14-stitch machine to a 25-stitch manchine, to this fancy, digital 60 stitch machine.  I can’t wait to start making better utton holes!  The next step in my sewing evolution (in a few years) is an embroidery machine.  Then I will have to go entirely to children’s sewing because I will want to embroider hippos on everything!

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

4 thoughts on “mechanical joy

  1. Oh! That is so pretty! You can do so much with that!

    I have a question for you… Do you think that I am too inept to make skirts? (I have a fairly decent sewing machine… I think. It’s never actually been out of the box. *cough*.)

  2. Will you email me and remind me to look up some tutorials for you? There’s some pretty easy one-seam and two-seam skirts you can start with. It will give you practice hemming and you can just do elastic waistbands (I can walk you through that). Also I can write up a few simple things to get you started!

    You’re smarter than me, so I don’t know how you could be too inept to do anything.

  3. Sounds good… I will commence e-mailing soon.

    Except for the fact that YOU are smarter than me, I appreciate your confidence in my future skills. 😉

    Just so you know, we went to the Fremont Sunday Market this week, and I realized that I (at some point in the future) could make a simple A-line skirt, and unless I screwed it up a thousand times, it would probably not cost me $45 dollars. Hence, the me requesting validation and confirmation from you. 😛

  4. A good place to start is to get some sheets or other big fabric from the Goodwill for a about a buck or so. Then you can mess up as much as you want in the beginning and not care. Plus if you find something cool, and it the sewing works out, it’s like having a bonus skirt!

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