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starting the week clean

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Trying to look up some stuff and it’s getting complicated because I have way too many tabs open.  You’d think I’d bookmark the links I mean to talk about, but now, I need them open so I don’t forget.  So here’s a little browser cleaning for you:

Rollasole.  Little ballet flats you can buy in vending machine in UK dance clubs.  For when your fashion shoes hurt too much at the end of the night.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  ON the one hand, they are actually cute, and having a pair to carry around for emergencies doesn’t seem like a bad idea.  On the other hand, don’t wear shoes that hurt.  Of course sometimes even good shoes hurt depending on circumstances, so we’re back to having pair for emergencies.

Love this!!!  It’s like the best made up words ever.

Syrian calligrapher Khaled Al-Saai. Beautiful, simply, simply beautiful.

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