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I’m watching Kingdom of Heaven.  Kind of.  This the 4th or 5th time I’ve tried to watch this movie.  Once again, I’m not paying enough attention to know exactly what’s going on.  Because the movie is so incredibly boring.  SO BORING.  I just don’t know how you can take story like this, in such an interesting time period, in such a gorgeous setting and make a complete snoozefest out of it.  I so wanted to love this movie.  And let me tell you, I enjoyed the incredibly awful Clive Owen King Arthur movie.  I love The 13th Warrior.  But KoH isn’t so much unwatchable as it’s just so boring that your mind wanders, even in battle scenes.  Troy and Alexander also suffer from this problem.   What is wrong with movie makers today that they can’t even make a good story out of an already good story?  It almost feels like an intentional joke, like these renowned director’s got together and made bets as to who could take an epic story, get an all-star cast, spend insane amounts of money and make the most interminable movies ever.

Image is from The 13th Warrior which I should be watching instead of this dreck.

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