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I’ve been considering labels for the inside of clothing that I make.  I started searching online last night just to get an idea of how much they would cost.  While searching I found this tutorial.  And hey!  I already had twill tape and iron-on transfer paper laying around the house.



I tested a couple and they seemed to wash just fine.  Of course since they just say my name, it seems almost silly to put them in clothes that I will be wearing.  Like I’m gearing up for summer camp or something, but I don’t care.  I’m so excited I’m going to sew them into everything I make!

Also considering getting a stamp made of the one I like the best.  Then I can just stamp them with fabric ink, or directly into the garment in some cases.    I can’t decide which I like best though.

I got my permanent bridge put in today.  It was relatively painless, though it feels really weird in my mouth.  Pictures when it’s all healed. Still eating soft foods.  Still very bored with them.  Bleh.

I should be making to-do lists.  And maybe doing something productive.  Instead I am making Libelle watch True Blood with me.  Much more satisfying than anything resembling work.

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