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Tiny pie lollipops. Lollipies. LOLLIPIES. I probably will not make these, but I do see some very tiny pies in my future. Time consuming, sure, but probably worth it. I’ve made hand pies before. I was just thinking about them the other day, but now I want to make two bite pies. Tiny, tiny pies!

The original blog, LuxiRare, the tiny lollipies came from is very strange. It’s high fashion and food which seems odd–or not sewing and cooking go together, I guess. It’s just so very different from the usual cutesy quilting/knitting/ combined with cupcakes blogs. It’s weird sort of gothic-y unwearable clothes combined with delicious looking but very hard to make food. I lost an hour browsing it last night when I should have been asleep. Her pictures are gorgeous even if I find much of her subject matter and the clothes she makes weird.

Feral houses. A little sad, but gorgeous pictures!

Macclesfield Alphabet book
. Used to produce 15th century “luxury” books. Weren’t all books a luxury in the 15th century?

Moroccan Inspired Dessert Table! I’m not 100% sold on the colors here but the concept is fantastic and it does all look lovely.

Not as old, or as storied, but still fun: American castles.

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