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Did I talk already about the Nine West Vintage America Collection?  It’s been rolling out slowly but I think all the pieces are available now.  I can’t remember where I heard about it originally, but I recall the description sounding like a line of clothes and shoes I would really love to wear.  I’m actually pretty disappointed in it over all.  I love the flats: Coby and Cambric (especially in the green and wine respectively).  And the Fiddle boots are fantastic.  The tops and jeans are exceptionally uninspired.  I mean sure I’d wear them, but only if I found them at a thrift store for under $5.  Definitely not things I’d buy new or bother to try and make.

Since I started sewing again I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes.  I own way more clothing than one person needs.  I’ve been meditating for a long time on trimming down my wardrobe to essentials.  I’ve been slowly working on this.  For every item of clothing I buy, I have to get rid of two similar items (this doesn’t count for things I sew myself).  I’ve tried hard to imagine what few, fabulous, well constructed necessities I’d need.

The idea of a vintage Americana line of clothing really appeals to me.  I’m all over the place in what I wear.  If I even have a defined style it’s definitely all my own because I take stuff from all eras and looks.  I’m not even sure I would want to wear just a vintage Americana collection, but I would love to design one.  Ever since I saw the Nine West collection I’ve been  imagining what would be in mine.  A pair or two of jeans, I guess.  A couple pairs of vintage looking cowboy boots. Old fashioned looking blouses (like this and this and this).  1950s-ish sundresses.  Cardigans.  A decent denim jacket with nothing fancy about it and good pockets.  Librarian-y shirtdresses in interesting non-floral prints.  A-line skirts in nifty border prints.  1930 and 1940s styled dress shoes.  Comfortable t-shirts cut for women out of soft cottons.  Practical, well sized handbags in elaborately tooled leather.

I have to give this more thought.  I’m half tempted to start a scrapbook or something to keep track of this idea.  Not that it hasn’t been done, or that I am going to revolutionize anything.  I don’t even have the sewing skills to make half this stuff.  But I like thinking about it.

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