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Well I guess it’s nice to see that it isn’t just me that BOA has been “accidentally” jerking around? Last week they declared insufficient funds for a check I had more than enough money to cover, then in correcting the problem doubly withdrew the amount–$1900 instead of $950–which actually did put me in the negative, charged me a bunch of overdrafts fees before eventually correcting it and refunding me my own money.  Brilliant.  Just as soon as I feel better, I guess I have to start shopping for a new bank.

Last night I started today’s post and I had a bunch of (presumably) smart, interesting things written out.  Of course I didn’t save it and this morning it’s gone off into the ether.  Arg.

I was feeling much better last night, post surgery.  But then this morning the swelling had gone down enough that I can feel that there’s a problem with the temp bridge (a sharp edge near my gum that should be sealed or sanded or something), so I have to back to the dentist this afternoon and get that fixed.  Which is in itself upsetting.  And means no work, which is doubly upsetting because I was really looking forward to tonight’s show.  And now I might just go back to bed until it’s time to go to the dentist. Apparently, eating, finding someone to cover my shift and someone to drive me to the dentist was all I had the energy to do this morning.  Also there’s nothing on TV, so I might as well sleep.

(I don’t know who that baby is–I just did a search for ‘sad face’–but the picture made me laugh.)

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