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I got my temporary bridge put on today.  It hurts like a %$*&@%$(#&er.  I guess I should have expected this, since they ground down the surrounding teeth.  Which now, even with Lortabs and Advil, leaves me feeling like my teeth were hit with a hammer.  My mouth is jacked up: rough, dry, blistered and very bruised.  But hey!!  Teeth!  Even the temporary ones look fantastic, so that’s something.

Libelle brought me foods and drinks because she is the bestest friend ever.  She let me show her the bruises in the inside of my mouth and didn’t kick me in the knee for being gross.  Now I have eaten and I feel a little better.

I had some other actually fun stuff to talk about but maybe I’ll save it for another post.

(The picture is toothache man from Wells Cathedral, which has my favorite staircase in the whole world.)

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