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In case you missed me going on about it everywhere else: my cousin, Miss K, had a sweet little baby girl yesterday, Faith Alma, 6lbs and 12 oz of joy!  Since before Faith was twinkle in her mother’s eye, Miss K and her husband have been working to adopt their two nephews.  Well the judge signed the final papers on that adoption yesterday too!!  They are a family of five now.  Gah, I’m getting teary again just typing it.  Miss K is a very smart, wonderful girl, completely full of love.  She’s diabetic and hadn’t necessarily planned to have children because of the risk pregnancy posed to her health.  Faith was a surprise and something of a miracle.  I just couldn’t be happier about how everything turned out for them.  So HOORAY!  You all take some joy and a second to love on your families too, in light of this new, okay?

Of course this means more sewing for me.  Hopefully I can find some nice projects that I can successfully complete.  I’m kind of frustrated with my sewing skills right now.  I’d really like to take an intermediate sewing class (linings, invisible zippers, structured bodices or yoked blouses, and the like) but I’m having trouble finding one right now.  Some of that in incompetence on the part of the people offering classes and much of it is many cancelled classes, presumably due to the economy–which just seems silly, if there was time when people should be boning up on their sewing skills, it seems like now would be it.

PSA:  I love Bing.com.  I love their hilarious search overload commercials and I love using it to search.  I love it so much they should pay me to tell people about it.  Most the time I don’t care much at all for new search engines or browsers or what have you, but I’m definitely making a switch here.

I was reading some sewing blogs today and someone’s post on refashioning turned to making things for dolls, which led me to this link (all in Czech, but you can see the pictures).  I find this oddly fasinating.  Like what a strange amount of work to go to refashion a Barbie doll.  I’m particularly intrigued by the reshaping of the mouth (and subsequently the whole face structure and expression).  People are very strange.

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