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if it can happen, it will


Not to be all super complainy drama queen, and I’m sure the dentist terror stories are getting old, but I had to share this.  Let me reiterate that my dentist is amazing, very nice, very careful.  This was, essentially, an unavoidable accident.  Basically the lidocaine needle hit a vein.  It should be a subcutaneous injection, but it’s not like they can see the blood vessels in your gums, so sometimes one gets hit.  I was at the dentist Wednesday.  Today is Friday.  After a lot of ice packs and a lot of Advil the swelling is pretty much completely gone.  Still, today I have this:

6-12-2009-bruiseIt’s pretty, right? (And almost as dark as the circles under my eyes, ha!) Seriously first thing this morning I thought I had ashes or something smudged on me, until I touched it and remembered how tender it is. It actually looks like someone drew it on me.  Ugh.  Am seriously considering putting off the next appointment for 2 or 3 weeks instead of just one week.

Author: Ajax Bell

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2 thoughts on “if it can happen, it will

  1. I’m not sure that I think that’s a good shade on you. Especially not directly on your face.

    Also? Owchie!

  2. Yes, it’s turning green now, although still as dark as it was. Ugh.

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