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So I got my temporary tooth today.  Hurrah.  I think it’s kind of uncomfortable.  I have to wear it for a couple days and then go get it adjusted.  My mouth right now is damn numb, so I’m actually fairly unsure about how the thing fits.  What I do know is that you’d never know it wasn’t my tooth. It’s maybe a little lighter than my other teeth and looks oddly crooked, which is to say it looks exactly like the tooth that was there before. So that’s good. I’ve got two more dentist visits, then wait 90 days, then go back again for a check up, then get the bridge put in.  I just figured out today that since the bridge amounts to three fake teeth (two crowns to support the bridge and the fake tooth) that my lower teeth will look WAY better, since they can make the fake teeth look much better than my real ones.  Something to look forward too. Yay.

I’ve been having sinus trouble this spring.  Allergies, I guess, but it seems to be much worse on storm days, right before the storm comes in.  As if perhaps I am over sensitive to barometric pressure.  Right now my sinuses feel stuffy to extent that my ears feel plugged.  The right side of my face is numb all the way to my cheekbone and back to my ear.  And novocaine is awful for me.  It makes me ache and very very umcomfortable in this hard to explain way as it wears off.  The nice dentist told me Advil would help, but mostly I just feel incredibly yucky today.  And apparently very whiny.  Which, I guess, given everything, is fair. The dentist did give me a purple toothbrush.  Which is funny since she didn’t let me choose but I would have chosen purple.  She didn’t give me toys anything though. Still everyone in her office is so nice it’s okay.  Really, best dentist’s office ever.

I am quite literally weeks behind in life.  So not caught up.  Giving myself the day off again though.  My mouth feels just too awful for me to concentrate.  Maybe after it un-numbs a little and I can eat something, I’ll try and get it together.  I might work on a little sewing.  Or might just lay here ont he couch trying to fall asleep and watching episodes of Supernatural on DVD.

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Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

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