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I am sort of obsessed with this shirt.  I saw someone wearing it a couple weeks ago and I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for it, or looking for fabric like it.  I can’t wear this shirt without making major alterations to it, which I’m not opposed too and yet I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy it.  Maybe I’m worried I’d wreck it when I altered it.  Maybe deep down I know I don’t really need another shirt.  And yet, I’ve had the tab for it open on my desk top for almost two weeks now.  *sigh*

The dentist went well today.  I got fitted for my new tooth.  I don’t get it for a week or so.  They offered to glue in a temporary one for vanity’s sake.  But I would have had to be very careful with it, with chewing, with making sure no pressure went on it or anything and so I opted not to get it.  I don’t need one more thing to be worried about in my mouth right now. So the next week will be a lesson in humility and overcoming vanity as I will just have no tooth for a while.  I have to get an intensive cleaning and a little other work done before they can do a bridge but in the meantime I’m assured that the tooth I am getting will look like it belongs and no one will know the difference.  Also I can’t stress how nice everyone was at the dentist’s office.  It was completely 1000% times better than the ER experience.

I could really use a massage after all that.  I feel like I’m recovering from tension in places I didn’t even know I could be tense. Ow ow ow ow.  Also not having a tooth is really awkward and uncomfortable (beyond the vanity thing).  I am very much looking forward to my new tooth.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

2 thoughts on “zenshirttooth

  1. Glad the dentist experience was a bit more calming. So sorry to hear about all this. Go and get that massage, lady!

  2. Thanks, Ten. Yeah, I’m gonna need about a month on the beach and a massage every day of it to get over this. Sadly I don’t think that is in my future.

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