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Pictures of this week’s sewing projects are up on Flickr (with details about each project).  We have a couple dresses from the Goodwill.  One simple resized and shaped, one turned into a skirt and a top, three blouses made from scratch, and an apron.  Last summer all I wanted when it was hot was light cotton peasant blouses to wear, so this year I’ve set out and made myself a couple already and will probably make a handful more.  Am working on size adjusting the pattern so I can make them for Libelle too (and anyone else who wants one).




Author: Ajax Bell

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3 thoughts on “blouses!

  1. Those are fantastic! I think I like the yellow one best – it looks so springlike and sweet.

    I’m unboxing the sewing machine either tonight or tomorrow. Undoubtedly I will think of you when I do so, and wish you were here to show me how to thread the damn thing.

  2. Yeah, the yellow one was the third in the series, so I’d learned from my mistakes by the time I made it. I will be making a couple more of these in prints I think. 5 or 6 should get me through the hot season. Way cuter than just t-shirts!

    Good luck sewing! Are you reading any sewing blogs. I can point you to a few. Not so much useful as inspirational. But we can always use a litle inspiration, eh?

  3. Wow! What an amazing difference. Everything is so cute! I really like the teal blouse and the way you shaped the tank dress. And I’ll bet Rachel loved that apron.

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