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Last night I dreamt about my friends’ new baby.  She was sitting her little seat, still too small to hold her head up, but she was very alert.  I kept trying to tell her she could go to sleep, that everything would still be there in the morning, but she wanted to see what everyone was doing. Clearly I have some special insight proving she will be one of the smartest girls ever!!

I am so tired today.  I am fantasizing about an afternoon nap.  I am disappointed that the hammock isn’t set up already.  Not enough to bother setting it up though.

I am going to draft out a test pattern for a baby clothes idea I had.  I am maybe going to finish the dress I’ve been altering for Libelle.  I am maybe going to sweep and mop the house.  I am maybe going for a walk in the sun.  I am maybe just going to sit here and work on the stupid RSS feed coding problem that I am still having.  I am maybe going to shower.  I am maybe going to walk to the cafe next door for lunch.  Why am I not in downtown Portland with 600 taco trucks to choose from?  I want good tacos.  Mmmm, tacos.  I am maybe going to be easily distracted today.

I did manage to get around to making some bias tape the other day:

I used this tutorial for the continuous tape (less sewing!).

I have many many many other things to do today, but first more coffee!!  HURRAH!

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