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slow green glow

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I had to scrape ice off my car this morning.  Brrrrrr!  My fingers still aren’t warm.  But it doesn’t matter.  You know why?  Because the little shrubs at the base of the wall of trees in my side yard have tiny green leaves on them.  Tiny.  Green.  Leaves.  That means spring.  Yes, oh, yes it does.

Song for today: Monday Morning Makeup – The New Tragedies (click to download or go buy it)

Now I need more coffee.  Lots to be done and none of it will be if I’m just lazing about all under caffeinated.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

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