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let me be the first to welcome you

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I am once again sitting around waiting for the cable guy to come fix some broken shit.  I woke up this morning, early, before my alarm.  All full of half-jumbled, woozy morning plans to rush off and do errands, get it all out of the way early, and then work work work, until it is time to go to work again.  And then I remembered the cable guy.  Did I switch around and buckle down to work until I could leave the house?  Ha!.

Which isn’t to say I’ve been doing nothing.  I have answered a bunch of work and personal correspondence.  Including important stuff like sending TMI emails to Rhi to entertain her because she has a hurt neck and needs distracting.

I should, I suppose, revist and reorder the giant to-do list of doom and sort out what goes on it today.  Number one was buy freezer paper and fabric dye, but alas that will have to come later.

My iPod loves me today.  It started out with a little Todd Snider, then a nice round of Bree Sharp, Kathleen Edwards and Amy Rigby, and now it’s been all Drag the River and Jon Snodgrass for like 40 minutes.  I’m pretty sure it can sense when I haven’t listened to the music I love most in a while and puts it out there to remind me.  I want to wallow in DTR all day.  That however, really isn’t productive.  I will have to switch back to the chick rock when I am going to get some work done.

First I will make breakfast.  Then finish my coffee.  Check my RSS feed reader.  And then I’m buckling down.  For reals, yo.

Also you go hit the DTR boys’ MySpace and listen to “Fleeting Porch” since that is what I am listening too right now and I am too lazy to upload it for you.  (Seriously, coming up on like an hour of DTR and JS songs on the old iPod, while on shuffle! I don’t even think they are the band with the most songs on there right now  -*checks* — nope totally beat out by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.  I love you, iPod.)

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

One thought on “let me be the first to welcome you

  1. Those emails were the highlight of my day! You are a good friend!

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