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I can’t believe that just happened


Days ago I wrote that I wasn’t going to complain about recent happenings.  And really, I am past complaining, well in to the ‘all one can do is laugh’ stage.

So I had a series of small mishaps yesterday.  And then Ladybug came home.  She closed the door behind her.  In a normal, non-violent way.  She took a step into the house and the glass shattered in the front door. Those of you who have been here will recall that most of the entire front door is glass.

I called the landlord and did my best to explain that it just broke.  That we weren’t playing indoor hockey, or fighting with redneck, half-toothed boyfriends or anything.  It just broke.

This month, the glass just broke along with the fridge, the dryer, the deep freeze, Ladybug’s windshield and my car.  And the pipes, the water heater, the neon sign and the ice machine at work.  Not to mention countless tiny problems in communication and household things.

Now I’m not saying nothing good has happened recently, because good things certainly have happened, but you’d have to do some pretty serious convincing to prove to me that there’s balance in the universe right now.  But I am thinking positively.  I mean, we must be generating a serious stockpile of good luck right now.

And really, I guess I’m not explaining the complexity of each situation.  For instance, while taping cardboard over the door (to keep the 30 degree temps out until boards could be put up), I tried to cut out a bit of the cardboard around the lock (you know, so we could still use the door) and the scissors completely broke in my hand.  As I rushed off, late for work, leaving poor Ladybug to finish taping up the cardboard, the packing tape dispenser completely broke in her hand (we couldn’t even find the duct tape).  With each new, small disaster, things have gone much the same.  As if it isn’t enough for something to break, it has to also be unusually complicated to deal with after it has broken.

And so once again begins a day when I would like to set out and run some errands but am, instead, sitting around waiting for someone to come fix something that is broken.  I have plenty of work to do here, I guess, but really I am too agitated to focus.  I suspect I won’t feel calm in my house until I have a front door again.  Nor will I be going anywhere.  I’ll just sit here feeling anxious and stressy.  Maybe I should have some more coffee.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

6 thoughts on “I can’t believe that just happened

  1. Oh, man!! That sucks so much! I hate months like that. I hate days like that, but when it extends into weeks and months it is maddening!!! (FWIW, this is what my life was like September – December of last year, so I totally feel for you! I was always like, “Argh, its stuff that is so annoying but not sure I can even talk about it because it is all so small and yet arrrrgh!!”) I feel your pain!

  2. Yeah, Rhi, that’s just about it. Like it’s so insane I have to tell people, on the other hand, AUGH!

    3 different people came in to the Wash last night, and asked, jokingly, if anything had broken recently at my house. They all assumed there was no way anything else could have happened, but apparently they were wrong!

  3. I’m so sorry. What a crappy load of crap to pile up all at once. Why don’t a bunch of good things happen all at once instead?

  4. Thanks, canine, we believe the good things are on their way and this part shall pass. Just hopefully sooner, rather than later. 🙂

  5. Wow, seriously Mercury? Take a bow, because that’s gotta be a new record.

    Jeez, hon, it would be funny except that it isn’t. Hope things are tidied up and safe now, especially since the planet is heading in the forward direction again.

  6. Thanks, Ten. It’s moved from being not to funny, to very funny, to miserable, to funny and so on for a while. Mostly ti’s just unbelievable!!

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