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What a long, strange trip

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Facebook has been so weird.  I have reconnected with a good friend from elementary school.  It is odd, like telling a stranger your secrets, but at the same time, more like lost family than a stranger.  I’ve also found a lot of people from high school, most of whom have turned out to be very interesting people.

I feel so stretched thin right now.  Some is my own usual crazy-making internal drama.  Some is just me taking on too much and then being mad at myself for not getting it all done.  But it will get done.  I just need to slow down and take some deep breaths.  And just accept that there are weeks more of winter.  I find it so unbearable, the cold, the lack of long hours of light.  But it is uncontrollable, so I should just move through it and not bear it as a burden.

I should also spend time reconnecting with the friends I have. I have just been so scattered for the last few months.  Am buckled down now, will get back to list making and checking things off.  On that list is to regularly write to the people I love.

And hey, Mercury is in Retrograde until Valentine’s Day.  So that sucks.  Though apparently the screwed up communications can work both against and for me.  And really what comes out of Mercury Retrograde, even for all it’s frustrations, is unforseen change, and really that isn’t a bad thing, it just is, right?  Just remind me not to make any important desicions and to relax when things don’t go right.

Random things from today’s online adventures:

Futuristic bike lane

Take the moon with you

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