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[dharma: week 2] taking kindness when it is offered

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I might need to take a few days of news media black out. It’s getting very depressing everywhere in the world. Still I can remember that there is goodness in the world as well.

Last night I was out with some friends, including a new friend who was visiting from Germany. When we parted company my German friend pressed something into my hand. When I got inside I discovered it was a tiny angel figurine.

It was a very kind and beautiful gesture. I have been meditating on it all day. Pulled from context it was simply a reminder to that I need to really notice when there is loving kindness and goodness in the world.

This week’s reading: Learning Kindness.

I can, and do, generously and selflessly offer kindness to others. Or at least I try to when it is possible. But maybe I don’t accept kindness as well. Ladybug really helped me out a lot this week. Purely from living kindness. It was hard to accept, because it was asking for help. She told me that asking her for help wasn’t the same as asking for help. And she’s right. She’s right partly because she simply helped me out of the kindness of her heart, and she’s right because sharing both joy and burdens is part of life when you are genuinely connecting with other people.

And so I shall also carry this tiny angel with me to remind me that I am both an angel who watches over others and one needs an angel watching out for her.

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One thought on “[dharma: week 2] taking kindness when it is offered

  1. Thats Wonderful. Yes Love And Kindness Is Out In This World. We Get Caught Up In Helping Others. When We Recive It We Are Usure How To React. Nice thought. -Zara

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