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Tears of frustration

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I might just go back to bed and stay there until tomorrow.  Seriously nothing works for me today.  I’m in the middle of trying to fix the tension on my sewing machine.  It should work, everything is set right, changed threads and bobbins and cleaned it and oiled it and it just will not stitch right.  I’m so frustrated that I am about to cry.  In the middle of it Miss Sparkle sends me a text message asking if Mercury is in Retrograde. The answer is no, but yet everything does feel funky.  So I take a deep breath and head out to check the mail.

Apparently the USPS doesn’t work either as there is a package, something I ordered, that is just an empty envelope in plastic bag.  The envelope is stamped “received without contents” and plastic bag has a little note apologizing for damaging my mail, but claiming it isn’t their fault because they deliver so much mail every day that of course accidents happen.  The envelope itself is not at all damaged.  It appears to have been opened and resealed, but not torn or bent or anything else.

So now, do I go back to bed and just say fuck today?  Do I load the sewing machine into the car and drive through the pouring rain to have it adjusted?  Do I send an irate letter to the USPS, or just beg the original company to replace my items, even though the loss was clearly the fault of the post office?

I’m seriously leaning toward making tea, watching the Tomb Raider movies and pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

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