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Things I have heard this morning:

Voters under 30 voted for Obama 2 to 1. (Go Millenials!!)

It was the highest voter turn out since women got the right to vote (I assume percentage-wise). (Go everyone!)

I am still very emotional about all this today.  I haven’t actually cried yet, but it seems to be bubbling just below the surface. The pictures of peoples’ reactions during Obama’s speech really set me off this morning.  When I start thinking about how Obama’s campaign was run, about how many people gave $5 or $10, people who had probably never participated in politics that way before.  About how so many people seemed galvanized to simply participate in the process.  It is so much more than just electing the first black president, but, I think, an underlying change in the cultural morals of America.  I can only hope we are moving toward a more community-oriented society.

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