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Song for today, for Rhi, for everything: Migraine Months – Cameron McGill (click to download). Yesterday I woke up, rolled over, stretched and then wrenched my neck in some impossible way. I think I pinched a nerve int here somewhere. Spent the morning alternating hot and cold packs with hight does of painkillers and got it down to manageable. I slept alright. I had to wake up to roll over carefully, but was able to find pain-free positions. Today I am 55% better which is to say just annoyed, discomforted and hurty, rather than miserable, and in excruciating pain. I hate getting older. Shit like this didn’t happen when I was younger.

Yesterday Ladybug and I carefully cleaned out our closets, packed away summer clothes and pulled out sweaters. Which was not as fun as it should have been because of the neck. but it’s done and still I am ambivalent about autumn. I never felt this way on the west coast. Maybe fall is only lonely out east, or in Tennessee. I don’t know. Then last night we watched The Nanny Diaries (depressing, not funny, nor romantic and generally full of unlikeable characters, blech) and Penelope (wonderful, sweet, quite funny in parts).

Saturday we went to the huge flea market at the fairgrounds with my pal, CT. We were getting ideas for decorating his house. I think I have good ideas, so now I just need to figure out how to execute them on the cheap. Also CT was wearing his new glasses that I picked out for him. He looks great, super cool, but I’m not sure he’s adjusted to it yet.

This morning I was walking through the neighborhood, admiring fall, and the weird timeless quality East Nashville seems to have some times. I tried to grab a shot with my camera phone but it doesn’t lok good, then I remembered walking along the exact same street last year, the same melancholy fall mood, and taking pictures. So here are last year’s pictures, of the same street, they look much like today does:

Author: Ajax Bell

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5 thoughts on “whiny mcwhinerson

  1. Yes, fall is lonely here. I always have a melancholy day or two, or, before i met Judge, the whole darn season would wrap me up in its mantle of lonely. I have to admit, he makes it bearable (today is our 1st anniversary!)

    But on the flip side, I found the west (Washington/Oregon) to be lonely in spring when I was out there. I arrived in mid-March, to snow on the ground and freezing winds, and it was cold until right when we left, in late May. It was one of the hardest times of my life, and terribly lonely with all that strange weather, the missing spring, and big sky. Beautiful, but lonely.

  2. Yes, I agree, spring in the NW is lonely and long. But if you’ve spent summers there you know it heralds the most beautiful summers. It makes spring worth it.

    Winter here is rough on me and fall seems like impending doom.

  3. **Winter here is rough on me and fall seems like impending doom.**

    Yes, it does feel that way. That is why I’ve always had a hard time coping with fall. It interests me to hear that perhaps fall is not like this everywhere.

  4. Oh, and I love the song. Love, love, love it.

  5. I knew you’d love the song, Rhi!

    And yeah, I admit, I always thought your loathing of fall was kind of crazy. Fall isn’t like this everywhere, there’s definitely something about it here.

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