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good TV, bad dreams, scary economics

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So I’ve been watching Fringe, which I don’t expect to last, as I don’t get the sense that anyone but me is watching it. I confess that I only started watching it because Joshua Jackson is on it, but I stayed because I love the way they use the location titles (like they are three dimensional words hanging in actual space at the location) and Anna Torv.  She’s pretty, but in this really unconventional way. And I don’t mean exotic, I mean she looks like a real person and she looks photogenically different in different situations.

I had endless stress dreams last night, mostly on a theme of trying to get somewhere but being repeatedly blocked, highlighted by a long sequence of riding a bicycle on the freeway.  I also dreamt that my sister and I had two brothers, one older than me, and one between me and L’il Bug.  I woke up feeling sort of lonely, like an odd sense of loss, that they didn’t really exist.

YA author, Scott Westerfeld, does the math on economics by party control in the federal government. The site is a pro-Dem, pro-Obama site for kids too young to vote.  Interesting site, but Westerfeld’s analysis is definitely far more than I knew about the history of the economy when I was a teenager (or even now, really).

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One thought on “good TV, bad dreams, scary economics

  1. i watch that show. when i watch it with other people, i tell them that whatever city they’re in actually has those letters built into the landscape and buildings.

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