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The gas shortage in Nashville is becoming INSANE.  This picture was taken around the corner from my house at the Citgo that had gas all day (because the owner refused to sell anyone more than $20 at a single sale).  People we freaking the fuck out all over town.   There have been reports of fist fights and general insanity.  The reporting on the whole thing is some of the worst I have ever seen.  Like no one at all, none of the media outlets are explaining what’s going on.  A a couple of the stations are seriously feeding the frenzy.  As far as I can piece together there were multiple news reports on Friday about how Hurricane Ike was going to take out all the refineries and the pipeline and so everyone better get gas because there would be none.  People freaked out.  There was a 400% increase in gas sales Friday causing many stations to run out. Stations started putting up signs saying they were out of gas (most expecting deliveries Monday or Tuesday).  The local news made a huge deal out of the stations being out of gas.  People freaked out more.  I started hearing stories about people driving to 18, EIGHTEEN, gas stations looking for gas.  Hey, asshole, maybe just don’t fucking drive then.  Walk, bike, work from home.  There were thousands of accusations of price gouging filed with the AG’s office and there may or may not be an investigation (strangely everyone has stopped talking about that).  So now there’s no gas, estimations say 85% of the stations in Nashville are completely empty.

Now, as far as I can tell, there was no reason for this at all.  If everyone hadn’t freaked out and started using all their gas to drive around and get more, and had maybe just chilled for the weekend until the deliveries came, the worst that probably would have happened is there might have been a little less gas, maybe prices would have been exorbitant for a few days and then prices would have leveled off.  It is like this is all a self made, self perpetuating crisis.

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